Level X Water Polo 2021

Swim England’s ‘exciting’ Level X concept is being expanded to the water polo community and will see clubs from across the country vying for the top spot each week.

Level X Water Polo will see all of Swim England’s category 2 members being given the opportunity to compete in the virtual series and return to competitive action within the confines of their home training environments.

Level X Water Polo 2021 is designed to take place within a club training environment and is open to all Swim England clubs and Category 2 Water Polo players.

Level X Water Polo is for Water Polo players to practise key skills, which have been designed to improve their water polo fundamentals with the aim of getting the highest team score possible.

Level X Water Polo

Players will represent their clubs and compete alongside their peers, going head-to-head against other clubs.

Scores will then be pitted against other teams across the country and showcased in the Level X Water Polo leaderboards which Swim England will publish at designated times to celebrate teams’ success and achievements.

Level X Water Polo will consist of a number of five-week blocks, where the under 18s category includes four blocks and the over 18s three blocks in total, both concluding on 29 August 2021.

Total team scores will be published weekly and at the end of each block on Level X Water Polo pages.

For more information including entry pack and video resource, please see the resource toolkit here.


Under 18s: 12 April – 29 August 2021

Block Date and time
Block 1 12 April – 16 May
Block 2 17 May – 20 June
Block 3 21 June – 25 July
Block 4 26 July – 29 August

Over 18s: 17 May – 29 August 2021 (as per current Government guidance and the roadmap out of lockdown)
Block Date and time
Block 1 17 May – 20 June
Block 2 21 June – 25 July
Block 3 26 July – 29 August


Entries will open on 10 May at 12:00 noon.

‘Thrill of competition’

Norman Leighton, Swim England water polo talent officer, said: “We are delighted to be bringing this exciting concept to the water polo community. Giving our clubs and athletes the chance to take part in Level X is going to be fantastic for our sport and will reintroduce the thrill of competition to their training environments.”

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10:43:00 08.04.2021
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