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Swim England South West - Water Polo has shared the following update on and invite to its 2021 Regional Academies:

Dear Club Secretary / Coach

We apologise for the first email sent to you prematurely this week and the confusion this may have caused.  This email was sent to all existing players/parents who have been attending the regional RTCs previously.  This was forwarded to you so that you were aware what had been sent out to your club members. 

The following message is the open invite to new players to participate and we would be grateful if you could forward this to the members of your club that are eligible.  As you will see from the message the plan has been slightly changed for 2021.  The younger age group session will be open to more players by holding a development session at the same time as the traditional RTC session.  We would therefore welcome all abilities of players born between 2008 and 2010.

If you have any players born between 2007 and 2004 who have not attended previously but would like to we would welcome them to try out at the latter sessions. 

We will be publishing more information going forward on the Swim England South West web pages in addition to the use of the facebook page as requested by many.  This will be actioned prior to the first session.

Like yourselves, everyone involved in the Swim England South West Water Polo set up are volunteers and we would like to take this opportunity to thank them and yourselves for all the time given to help the sport in our region.

We realise that the plans may have to change due to Covid so we will communicate this if needed at the appropriate time.  It has been a hard for the committee to seek permission to have the RTC sessions restarted and we need your support if they are to continue.

Should you have any questions about the RTCs please contact Stuart Noyce at stuartnoyce@hotmail.com or 07773330396. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Swim England South West - Water Polo


Dear Player / Parent

The South West Water Polo Regional Academy Training sessions for 2021 are soon to return and we are inviting new players to attend. 

The South West Water Polo Regional Academy aims to promote, train and support junior water polo players throughout the South West in an attempt to advance their participation in the sport. Traditionally players who have represented their county at the various age groups have attended the Academy to further their skills and attempt selection to the South West Regional team which play at Inter Regional events. Additionally some of the stronger players in the Regional Academies may get recommended to the National Academy.

In addition to these players in 2021 we are also holding development session for more players from within the south west who want to progress.  The sessions are two hours long so a level of swim fitness is needed but we are inviting all water polo players born between 2008 and 2010 who currently train at a club in the South West Region.

The Academy holds seven sessions a year at Millfield School in Somerset. The 2 hour sessions are run for boys and girls (separate sessions with some cross training) in two different age categories. We realise that COVID may force us to change these plans for 2020 but feel now is the correct time to start putting arrangements in place.

If you would like to try the first session or have any questions please reply to this email on one of the two email address below by the end of January confirming so numbers can be planned for.

Boys – southwestboysacademy@gmail.com

Girls – southwest.wp.girls@gmail.com

Locations and Dates of the Regional Academy for 2021

The Regional Academy will be held on the following dates and times.  The younger age groups will be in the pool for the first 2 hours, older age groups will be in the pool for the later 2 hours of each academy training date:

Younger Age Groups (early session) - Year of Birth 2008, 2009 & 2010.

Older Age Groups (latter session) - Year of Birth 2007, 2006, 2005 & 2004.

South West Water Polo Academy’s will be held at: Millfield School Swimming Pool, Keen's Elm Ln, Street. BA16 0ST.

  • Saturday 13 February 2021 (5pm - 9pm)
  • Saturday 6 March 2021 (6pm - 10pm)
  • Saturday 17 April 2021 (5pm - 9pm)
  • Saturday 8 May 2021 (6pm - 10pm)
  • Saturday 11 September 2021 (5pm - 9pm)
  • Saturday 9 October 2021 (5pm - 9pm)
  • Saturday 13 November 2021 (5pm - 9pm)

Payment details

The charge for attending the seven 2021 sessions has been kept the same, at £10 (Cash on the day) for the first session and £60 for the remainder of the year by bank transfer.  This charge is a contribution to the cost of running the sessions and is subsidised by the region.  Players are not able to pay on a per session basis after the first session. 

Swim England South West - Water Polo

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16:19:00 21.12.2020
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