Update on the work carried out by British Water Polo Leadership

Fergus Feeney, CEO of Swim Wales and Chair of British Swimming Water Polo Leadership Group, has provided the following update on 21 July 2020 about the ongoing work the British Water Polo Leadership have been carrying out.
Dear valued member of the Water Polo family, 

Last year I was asked by the British Swimming Board to Chair the British Water Polo Leadership Group and provide oversight for the sport in Britain. Over the past 6-9 months, we have been working on bringing England, Scotland and Wales togetheras a sport to address several areas. 
  • Terms of Reference
  • Leadership & Governance
  • Data and Insight
  • Talent Coach Development
  • Athlete Support Services
  • High Quality Training
  • Progressive Competition Programme 
It is a real privilege to he working with 3 dedicated volunteer chairs from the home nations - Dr. Toby King (England), Tom Gebbie (Scotland) and Maxine McKinnell (Wales). We are also very lucky to have a high level of support and interest from Jack Buckner, CEO British Swimming, and the WP development staff from each home nation.

UK Sport have been very positive about the development of the sport so to this end we have brought these key strategic areas together in a WP Strategy Document which has been created with the help of David Meli, an outside consultant. This draft document will he circulated in July 2020 by each Home Country WP Working Group for consultation and transparency with the Polo community.

It is my intention to have the Terms of Reference signed off by 4 CEOs in September and then I will present it to British Swimming Board of Directors in September. 

I look forward to supporting this leadership group as they take responsibility for dewlowng the sport in Britain. 

Please look out for communications from your Home Country WP Working Groups on this and the link to our meeting minutes can he found here

Fergus Feeney
Chair the British Water Polo Leadership Group

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11:42:00 22.07.2020
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