Developing A Club Support Pack for Water Polo

Swim England is producing a club support pack and would like to include a video for each discipline. Claire Coleman, Swim England's Head of Volunteering & Pathways, has sent a request to be able to represent key aspects of water polo – athlete, coach, team manager, officials, committee.

If you would like to participate, please follow the instructions below

A simple guide for the videos:

1. One video per person with all phrases in. Have a couple of seconds pause between each phrase. The phrases are:
  • Love your club
  • Enjoy the water
  • Stay safe
  • Follow the guidelines
  • Have fun
  • Connect with friends
  • Be active
  • Think long term
  • Adapt and develop

2. Phone quality is good enough but make sure it’s filmed in landscape.
3. Hand-held or someone filming both are ok but don’t use the zoom on your camera.
4. Wear club kit / hoodie or officials attire if applicable. Club stuff is best.
5. Make sure that the name of the individual, their club and role are included on the file.

Claire thanks particpants in  advance for your support and requests videos are sent to:

Claire Coleman
Head of Volunteering & Pathways
M 07970 017414
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08:38:00 05.06.2020
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