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Sport England is asking its partners and the wider sport and physical activity sector to help shape its future strategy by feeding back on their new ‘Shaping our Future’ document.

It outlines the direction Sport England would like to head in over the next decade and has been shaped by more than nine months of engagement with colleagues and the community of organisations who care about sport and physical activity. 

Sport England has gathered thousands of perspectives on what really matters about what it does and how it does it and is keen to test its findings and assumptions with as many groups and organisations as possible.

Shaping our Future is not a plan, or a draft strategy – it's an opportunity to check what Sport England has heard and what they think it means.

The aim is to generate discussion and feedback which will help Sport England shape the strategy itself.

Sport England chief executive Tim Hollingsworth said the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic had changed many organisations’ priorities but it was nevertheless the right time to look ahead to the role Sport England should play to support physical activity in the long-term.  

“We’ve been reflecting on our previous choices, what we have learnt from experience, and what it means for our next steps,” he said.

“Like many others, we have needed to take fast action in the past few weeks. In the most urgent moments, we have found ourselves guided by the things people have told us about what matters most.

“We have realised that - amid uncertainty - there are some things that remain resolutely important. These are the things that enable us to navigate unchartered territory; a sense of purpose, our core values, and a network of trusting relationships.”

“This is a moment to set new ambitions for how we work – within Sport England and with our partners – to make sure that we are all part of the solution. It is a more adaptive sort of strategy, a way to stay focused in our work and make good decisions and choices in the context of complexity and uncertainty.”

Sport England know their contacts and partners are facing very difficult circumstances right now, so while they'd like people to engage with their emerging direction as much as they possibly can, there's no fixed or prescriptive way to do that, and no deadlines.

Over the coming months, they'll create multiple opportunities to continue the conversation about their future and to shape their new strategy for 2021 and beyond. And they invite you to take part in this as much as you can.

Download 'Shaping Our Future' (5.78 MB)

How you can get involved

Opportunities to engage in this consultation include:
  • Letting Sport England know your headline reactions and feedback via their short survey
  • Taking part in one of their structured sessions to discuss where they're heading and what that means for what they'll do - they expect these will be from July onwards
  • Contributing to an online conversation to generate discussion around key themes and questions - which will be set up from autumn onwards.
  • Sharing the ‘Shaping our Future’ document with anybody who you think is interested and may want to be involved in future engagement.

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11:39:00 27.05.2020