Stronger Affiliation and SwimMark

Diane Gibbs, Dorset ASA County Secretary has emailed the following on 22 Apr 2020 for circulation to Club Committees:

We have been informed by the Swim England Head of Club Development, Jon Keating that: “ In reference to the points about SwimMark and Stronger Affiliation, we are taking the position that it’s as much business as usual as possible. As a team we strongly believe it’s good time to ensure all governance matters are resolved whilst the clubs are out of the water. I think returning to the pool in confidence that the club has the right level of governance in place can only be a positive message and opportunity.”



Your submission date still stands but if a club is really struggling (and in particular for a June SwimMark panel) an exemption and extra time can be applied (ie, to September) but this will be strictly on a case by case scenario. Please don’t assume you will be awarded extra time – contact Jackie Hilleard in good time if your club is having problems with a submission.



At the moment, Stronger Affiliation is going ahead as planned with submissions from June when the portal goes live and with no indication that any concession will be made to non-submission in the required time period. Submissions are required by 16 November absolute latest for checking by Jackie Hilleard prior to approval by Swim England SWR on 1 December. Miss those dates and your club will be disaffiliated for 2021. We are continuing to ask for some consideration given the difficult times, but recommend you progress your club submissions as if it is not going to be forthcoming.


Understandably, many clubs are concerned as to what’s required, or whether there will be templates etc. Jackie Hilleard is therefore providing assistance as follows: “ If clubs want to contact me I can send them what they need, along with info that may be pertinent to their club. For example missing safeguarding info on the T &C register. I can also add them to our list for when the portal goes live.” So please contact Jackie sooner than later.


Contact details for Jackie Hilleard are:


With best wishes




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12:55:00 22.04.2020
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