Seagulls Juniors White 16 v Salisbury Juniors 0

Taylor Priest

Seagulls Juniors White continued their strong start to the season with a disciplined and emphatic display against a young Salisbury team.

Down to just 9 fit players, Seagulls surged to an early 6-0 lead in the first quarter with Taylor Priest making an excellent showing as a back-up pit player. The young Salisbury side stood firm in the second quarter and rallied to keep Seagulls down to just two scores. The pattern of the match continued as Seagulls rested their older players during the third quarter with Salisbury defending ferociously as Seagulls applied continuous pressure both in-possession and in the press.

Seagulls returned their senior players in the final quarter. The Salisbury side were tiring quickly by this time after having defended resolutely for the the majority of the match and Seagulls scored steadily throughout the quarter to run out 16-0 winners.

Seagulls Squad: James Rogers, Connor Sleightholme (1), Taylor Priest (7), Joe Foale-Groves (1), Anand Vaithilingham (1), Ali Rogers, Elliot Wilks (1), David Gallagher, Sam Webber (5)

Salisbury Squad: T/F

Picture shows Taylor Priest (courtesy: Steve Gallagher (01202 421743)

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19:56:19 06.12.2009
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