1995+ (14&U) Dorset Mixed Academy Squad

An 18 player Dorset Mixed Academy Squad has been announced prior to the ASA SW Regional Inter-County Tournament on Sunday, 13 December at Millfield (4 to 9pm).

Fred Fowler will shortly be announcing a training match, from which 13 players and 2 reserves will be chosen to take part in the tournament.

Addressing the squad, Fred said: "Players unable to make the development session and trials last weekend will all be expected to attend this training match to enable us to assess your ability, otherwise we will have no option but to remove your name from the final team selection.

"As for the final team, in addition to individual skills and ability we will be looking for the following attributes:-
- Your ability to work as a team player
- How well you listen to the coaches 
- How hard you work for yourself and your team
- Your ability to accept refereeing decisions and get on with the game

"As a team game it is important that you all work together and we don’t have players unnecessarily excluded. I am pleased that the standard and competition is rising and I hope that you all rise to the challenge."

If you have any questions please contact Fred on 07917 105919 or fred@fowler.gb.com

1995+ (14&U) Dorset Mixed Academy Squad

1. Ali Rogers (Seagulls)
2. Matt Cracknell (Bridport)
3. David Gallagher Seagulls)
4. Sam Webber (Seagulls)
5. Ciannan Mann (Seagulls)
6. Mikey Kingsley (Seagulls)
7.Jackson Mullins (Seagulls)
8. Eliot Wilks (Seagulls)
9. Martha Howlett (Bridport)
10. Emily Jack (Blandford)
11. Georgina Crossley (Seagulls)
12. Christian Flavell (Blandford)
13. Jonathan Bowerman (Blandford)
14. William Bowen-Ashwin (Bridport)
15. Oliver Bowen-Ashwin (Bridport)
16. Megan Fletcher (Seagulls)
17. Charlie Roberts (Seagulls)
18. Connor Aitken (Weymouth & Portland)

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