The ASA Development Framework for Teaching and Coaching in England 2009-2013

A development framework to provide a world class coaching environment for England’s teachers and coaches has been launched by the ASA Coaching Systems Team at the ASA Council Conference. 

‘The ASA Development Framework for Teaching and Coaching in England 2009-2013’  will effectively create a new coaching system that delivers the right number of coaching hours, by the right coach, in the appropriate environment to achieve success.

Teachers and coaches across all the disciplines and the wider coaching workforce will benefit from the implementation of the Framework which will operate in all five key environments: beginner, talent development, high performance, participation and potential participants.

The Framework represents a significant culture shift by delivering much more than just coach education.  Previous systems have had the education and qualification of coaches as their main focus, whereas the new Framework is all about developing the potential of participants (swimmers) by creating teachers and coaches who can promote learning through ownership, awareness and responsibility.

Bill Furniss, Head Coach, Nova Centurion SC believes the ASA’s approach to coach development will create a world class, dynamic coaching system:

“Developing a ‘high performing’ coach takes more than just education.  It involves a wide range of activities that help the coach ‘develop’ and achieve their potential. The approach of the ASA is now focusing on giving coaches ownership of their decisions and the ability to choose what they are going to do.  This will then create greater self-belief, allowing the coach to better understand and manage themselves, which in turn will positively impact upon the participants they work with.”

He added, “the ASA coach development plan will focus on changing their behaviour, as opposed to simply increasing their knowledge.”

Colin Huffen, Coaching Systems Team Manager and National Education Officer for the ASA, is excited about the changes brought about by the new strategy.

“Teachers and coaches face daily challenges and strive to be the best they can be.  The ASA have identified that to reach this goal they not only need the ASA to help them qualify, but also support to help them flourish. The participant is clearly the priority for all of us.  We have identified that there needs to be a move from an instructional, autocratic approach to the empowerment of coaches.  This will hone their skills so that they can follow the participants lead and develop them with the knowledge to take ownership of their own development.”

The four Key Objectives of the new Framework are:
1. Recruit: Recruit the appropriate number of coaches into swimming’s delivery system
2. Train: To qualify the appropriate number and level of coaches required
3. Support: Provide appropriate levels of support to the coaching workforce to allow them to achieve their potential in their chosen environments
4. Retain: To provide systems of recognition and reward in order to retain the coaching workforce

Please click for further information on the work of the Coaching Systems Team and for a copy of the Development Framework.

For more information contact the ASA PR Officer Claire Freeman on 01509 632265 or email

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13:23:59 14.10.2009
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