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Great Britain water polo star Scott Carpenter has signed a professional contract with Victoria Tigers in the Australian National League. The 21-year-old from Spennymoor impressed at the European Championships in Lugano, scoring 23 goals and taking the top goalscorer award.

His father George was an England international and formed Sedgefield Water Polo Club in Newton Aycliffe so it's no surprise that Scott began playing when he was just six.

"I never expected to play the sport professionally because it isn’t something British players normally get the chance to do," said Scott, who has just finished a Business Studies degree at Manchester University and will play the sport professionally at least until the London Olympics in 2012.

“I’m really excited about going over to Australia to play and extremely flattered as well. I decided a few years ago that I wanted to give water polo a proper go and thankfully I’ve managed to improve enough to make a career out of it.  We don’t have anything like a professional league in this country so to get the chance to play abroad is brilliant for me. It certainly wasn’t a difficult decision to make when the offer came in. I’m doing something I love and getting paid for it, who doesn’t want to get that chance in life?

“I also had an offer from an Italian Club which was incredible. The Italian League is the best in the world, but I’d already given my word to Victoria Tigers and I wasn’t going to break it. If the offer to go and play in Italy is still there when I get back from Australia I’ll jump at the chance.”

As one of the sport’s rising stars – he was the first person in this country to score more than 100 goals in a season – Scott knows he will have plenty to prove to the ultra-competitive Aussies when he begins a nine month stint with the Tigers in October 2009.

"I’m going to have to prove myself to them pretty quickly because they don’t get many British guys over there and they won’t know much about me.”

News via Journal Live

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