Tough Guy or Chicken?

Ross Edgely23-year-old Ross Edgley from Grantham used to play water polo for Great Britain. He's spent four months travelling the world competing with four other adventurers in some of the most extreme challenges as part of a BBC Three show 'Tough guy or chicken?'

There's still time at the date of posting to watch earlier episodes on BBC iplayer as the five adventurers face some of the most deadly creatures and hostile places on the planet.

See the five
- battle deadly fighting bulls in Ecuador,
- become reindeer herders in Siberia
- attempt to become cave-divers in Mexico's Yucatan peninsula,
- endure a jungle initiation with boys of the Jaminawa tribe in Brazil.
- join the Ju-Wasi tribe of San Bushmen on a traditional hunt in Namibia,
- attempt to become shark wranglers in just six days in the Bahamas
- learn to catch venomous snakes in Bangladesh,
- take part in a pilgrimage to the summit of a sacred mountain in Japan

Ross said: "I was so competitive and went out thinking I was going to win everything but I realised there was more to the experience than winning. I would definitely do it again. It was so cool."

The programme is being shown at 9pm on Thursdays on BBC Three.

He has also made a documentary with Brad Pitt's coach for the film Fight Club, Ricky English. The challenge was to see if Ross could become a boxer in three hours. He said: "The answer is no, I got a big black eye."


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11:10:34 06.10.2009
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