ASA SW Region Teams for Inter Region 1993 YoB Water Polo Championships 2010

After an absence of 5 years the Inter Regional Youth Age Group Tournaments returned in 2009 (although some of the competitions are being played in early 2010 due to pool availability). The South West Region fared well in the 1991 Year of Birth Championships in Liverpool last May, and now the 1993 Year of Birth age groups teams have been selected after trials at Cheltenham (Male) and Exeter (Female).

The male team saw over 30 players compete for 13 spaces. Players are nominated to attend the trials by their county coaches, and it is great to see a real spread of players froma  wide variety of Clubs. It is hoped in the future that Wiltshire and Cornwall will also manage to have players landing places on the team. A notable performance at the trials was put in by Jack Skerritt (Exeter, Devon) who despite being a 1994 year of birth and relatively young for the trials - was selected.

Youth Mens:

Coach - John Spicer
Assistant Coach - Greg Harper
Team Manager - James Baker

1. Woody Bayliss (Gloucestershire)
2. Chris Chamberlain (Dorset)
3. Tim Hatton (Gloucestershire)
4. Jack Beer (Devon)
5. Nathan Lewis (Gloucestershire)
6. Tristian Bradshaw (Gloucestershire)
7. Oliver Turl (Devon)
8. Finn Taylor (Bristol)
9. Curtis Watkins (Somerset)
10. Jack Skerritt (Devon)
11. Freddie Hedger (Devon)
12. Ian Grieg (Gloucestershire)
13. Will Odam (Gloucestershire)

The female team was contested by over 20 players, and Coaches Mandy Greening and Carrie Wallace were impressed by the quality of skills on offer. Special mention should go to the Paignton Club in Devon who managed to obtain 4 places on the team - a true testament to the quality of coaching for the female side of the Club.

Youth Ladies:

Coach - Mandy Greening
Assistant Coach - Carrie Wallace
Team Manager - James Baker

1. Leah Clarke (Devon)
2. Tuesday Birmingham (Gloucestershire)
3. Jess Shears (Devon)
4. Becky Langman (Devon)
5. Rachel Litt (Devon)
6. Catherine Harvey (Devon)
7. Laura Spence (Dorset)
8. Laura Shears (Devon)
9. Phillipa Rutter (Devon)
10. Gemma Morris (Devon)
11. Sophie Greener (Bristol)
12. Lauren Strong (Bristol)
13. Heather Meltous (Devon)

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