U16 Girls Water Polo Inter-Regional Championships 2022

25 & 26 June 2022 - Liverpool Aquatic Centre.

Two goals in the space of 21 seconds helped North West Thunder triumph in a thrilling final of the U16s Girls’ Inter-Regional Championships. Centre-forward Lucy Davis bagged the brace in the third quarter to set Thunder on their way to a 7-5 victory over Ireland. It was Thunder’s sixth straight win of the competition, having secured a 100 per cent record in the group stage before defeating West Midlands 15-10 in the semi-final. 

Ireland had also won all five of their games heading into the gold medal match, having topped Group A and then beating South West Sharks 12-4 in their last four tie.

Victorious North West Thunder coach Joanne Mountfield said: “Congratulations to our players on a terrific performance in the final and our supporters for creating a fantastic atmosphere. Our team consisted of players from seven North West Clubs and it is important to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of their club coaches in this success. These tournaments are critical in the development of girls water polo within the Regions, as local league fixtures are still mixed at U16s and it was extremely positive to see seven of the 10 teams being led by female coaches. Our thanks go to the event manager, Richard Barnes, and his dedicated team of volunteers and officials who helped to ensure that the event ran smoothly and provided the best possible experience for the players.”

In the bronze medal match, West Midlands took third spot with an 18-10 win over the South West Sharks.

Great success

Another exciting game saw East Angels secure a Division One place for the U18s competition following a penalty shootout victory in the 5th-6th play-off match. Angels goalkeeper Christina English saved two North East Steelers’ penalties to seal a 10-9 success.

Nick Hume, the head coach of the National Academy for the U16s age group, said: “The 2007 Inter-regional tournament was a great success. Ten teams, 130 players and 20 plus coaches giving it everything for the sport we all enjoy so much.  It was a great opportunity to see all the players in formal competition. It’s an excellent indicator of where we are in the players’ development and gives us plenty to work on through the National Academy in Millfield over the summer and for the future.

“Congratulations to the North West, Ireland and West Midlands for their results and to all the players who took part. Plus a thank you to all the volunteers, without whom it couldn’t have happened.”

During the competition, the North West Region ran a Club and Regional Table Officials’ Course. There were 10 candidates from seven clubs and five of them completed their practical assessments and the North West Region thanked the national and International table officials for enabling this to take place.

The Tournament
Ireland, West Midlands, South East Anderida, North East Steelers and East Angels competed in Group A.

The Group B games were between North West Thunder, London Sharks, South West, Scotland Saltires and East Midlands.

The top five teams will form Division One for the U18s Girls’ Inter-Regional Championships 2024.

West Midlands 9 – 9 North East Steelers FT
London Sharks 12 – 2 Scotland Saltires FT
East Angels 6 – 6 South East Anderida FT
East Midlands 3 – 10 South West FT
Ireland 7 – 3 West Midlands FT
North West Thunder 8 – 2 London Sharks FT
South East Anderida 7 – 9 North East Steelers FT
South West 14 – 0 Scotland Saltires FT
East Angels 0 – 5 Ireland FT
East Midlands 3 – 14 North West Thunder FT
West Midlands 13 – 7 South East Anderida FT
London Sharks 2 – 11 South West FT
Ireland 9 – 0 North East Steelers FT
North West Thunder 17 – 0 Scotland Saltires FT
East Angels 3 – 7 West Midlands FT
East Midlands 2 – 2 London Sharks FT
Ireland 9 – 1 South East Anderida FT
North West Thunder 9 – 3 South West FT
North East Steelers 6 – 3 East Angels FT
Scotland Saltires 1 – 15 East Midlands FT


Group A Team P W D L GD Pts
Ireland 4 4 0 0 26 8
West Midlands 4 2 1 1 6 5
North East Steelers 4 2 1 1 -4 5
East Angels 4 0 1 3 -12 1
South East Anderida 4 0 1 3 -16 1


Group B Team P W D L GD Pts
North West Thunder 4 4 0 0 40 8
South West 4 3 0 1 24 6
East Midlands 4 1 1 2 -4 3
London Sharks 4 1 1 2 -5 3
Scotland Saltires 4 0 0 4 -55 0


Play-Off Stage      
5th-8th Play-off      
North East Steelers 12 - 8 London Sharks FT
East Midlands 6 - 12 East Angels FT
Semi Finals      
Ireland 12 - 5 South West Sharks FT
North West Thunder 15 - 10 West Midlands FT
9th-10th Play-off      
South East Anderida 26 - 7 Scotland Saltires FT
5th-6th Play-off      
North East Steelers 9 - 10 East Midlands FT
7th-8th Play-off      
London Sharks 12 - 10 East Midlands FT
Bronze Medal Match      
South West Sharks 10 - 18 West Midlands 14:15
Gold Medal Match      
Ireland 5 - 7 North West Thunder 14:15


MVP Awards
Overall MVP: Lucy Blenkinship (North West Thunder)
Top goalkeeper: Tilly Armer (North West Thunder)
Top goalscorer: Amélie Perkins (West Midlands)
North West Thunder: Lucy Blenkinship
Ireland: Áine Hennessey
West Midlands: Amélie Perkins
South West: Georgi Hague 
East Angels: Sofia Galati 
North East Steelers: Millie Richards 
London Sharks: Sophie Schonbach 
East Midlands: Alice Berrill 
South East Anderida: Lily Ross 
Scotland Saltires: Lucy McNair 

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