U18s' Boys Inter-Regionals Water Polo Championships 2022

26 & 27 March 2022

Division 1 hosted by the North West Region at Palatine Leisure Centre, Blackpool 
North East Steelers, East, North West Tigers, South Weest Sharks and London Sharks

Division 2 hosted by the East Region at the Watford Leisure Centre.  
South East, East Midlands, Wales, West Midlands and Scotland Saltires are being 

These divisions were based on the final places at the at the U14s (2005 and younger) championships as they did not compete at U16s level due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Division 1 Report

South West Sharks head coach John Spicer hailed his victorious U18s Boys’ Inter-Regional Championships winning team and said their success was ‘testament of what hard work can achieve’.Three comprehensive wins saw them secure a 100 per cent record to top Division One with a goal difference of plus 35.

They opened up their campaign with a 15-8 victory over North West Sharks before their match against London Sharks was abandoned at 3-2 in the second quarter and the result recorded. However, they were dominant in their final two matches as they defeated East 20-5 and North East Steelers 22-10.

Spicer said: “Delighted with how this squad of boys have developed to this point and risen to the top of a band of quality regions all competing in this year’s event. Particular thanks to Jim Walsh and Stu McKie for all the coaching work they’ve done with the SW 2005s in the last few years. Extremely proud of our tournament MVP Arran Downer and top goalkeeper Zac Downer, a testament of what hard work can achieve.”

South West Sharks captain Reuben Powell added: “So proud of this great tournament win. I’m thankful for a dedicated team of coaches, parents and players who all support each other and great to know five boys in this squad will go on to represent SW again with our 2006s. I’ve loved my time with South West Water Polo and am grateful for the opportunity given to play water polo at this level.”

Division 2 Report

East Midlands put on perfect display, sealing top spot in Division Two with a perfect record. 

They defeated the West Midlands 10-6 and South East 6-4 on the opening day of the competition. And they followed that up with impressive 14-5 and 23-5 victories over Scotland Saltires and Wales respectively to complete a clean sweep. It left them two points clear of the West Midlands who won their other three games to take second place in the table.

Joanne Mountfield, event lead for the championships, thanked those who gave up their spare time to help support the competition. She said: “We would like to thank all the volunteers involved in running the competitions, in particular, Dean Walker from the East Region for hosting the Division Two Boys’ event at Watford and our North West table officials who supported eight newly-qualified table officials to complete their practical assessments.”

If you are interested in getting qualified, please email Chris Stephens.

Fixtures & Results

Division 1      
Sat 26 Mar      
North East Steelers 18 – 10 East FT
South West Sharks 15 – 8 North West Tigers FT
North East Steelers 13 – 8 London Sharks FT
East 8 – 12 North West Tigers FT
South West Sharks 3 – 2 London Sharks FT
Sun 27 Mar      
East 12 – 17 London Sharks FT
North East Steelers 12 – 11 North West Tigers FT
East 5 – 20 South West Sharks FT
London Sharks 8 – 6 North West Tigers FT
North East Steelers 10 – 22 South West Sharks FT

 U18s Boys’ Division 1 awards
Top goalkeeper: Zac Downer, South West Sharks
Top goalscorer: Henry Jackson, North East Steelers
Overall MVP: Arran Downer, South West Sharks

Division 2      
Sat 26 Mar      
Wales 8 – 16 Scotland Saltires FT
West Midlands 6 – 10 East Midlands FT
South East 8 – 6 Scotland Saltires FT
West Midlands 13 – 9 Wales FT
South East 4 – 6 East Midlands FT
West Midlands 10 – 2 Scotland Saltires FT
South East 18 – 1 Wales FT
Sun 27 Mar      
East Midlands 14 – 5 Scotland Saltires FT
South East 5 – 15 West Midlands FT
East Midlands 23 – 5 Wales FT

U18 Boys’ Division Two awards
Top goalkeeper: Tobias Isaque, West Midlands
Top goalscorer: Tobias Chilcott, Wales
Overall MVP: Lewis Glennon, East Midlands

Division 1 Table

Team P W D L GD Pts
South West Sharks 4 4 0 0 35 8
North East Steelers 4 3 0 1 2 6
London Sharks 4 2 0 2 1 4
North West Tigers 4 1 0 3 -6 2
East 4 0 0 4 -32 0


Division 2 Table

Team P W D L GD Pts
East Midlands 4 4 0 0 33 8
West Midlands 4 3 0 1 18 6
South East 4 2 0 2 7 4
Scotland Saltires 4 1 0 3 -11 2
Wales 4 0 0 4 -47 0


MVP Awards
South West Sharks: Arran Downer
North East Steelers: Henry Jackson
London Sharks: Tomas Watson
North West Thunder: Joshua Dixon
East: Josh Barratt
East Midlands: Lewis Glennon
Scotland Saltires: Murray Dickson
Wales: Tobias Chilcott
West Midlands: Daniela Reka
South East: Matthew Williams

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