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26th Summer Universiade in Shenzhen

Men's Water Polo Result Bronze Medal Match MKD 10 v USA 7 Result Gold Medal Match SRB 11 v RUS 8 Gold Medal SRB Silver Medal RUS Bronze Medal MKD Semifinal Result Semi final 1 SRB 12 v MKD 5 Result Semi final 2 RUS 11 v USA 10 Women's Final Result Gold Medal Match USA 4  v CHN 14
Date: 14:06:47 02.06.2012
Categories: General
Keywords:  University

U-Polo British Championships 2012

Poster via pinterest promoting the Finals Source: Uploaded by user via Natalia on Pinterest
Date: 15:54:32 03.04.2012
Categories: General
Keywords:  University

Uni. Warwick Men vs Birmingham

WUFFtelevision footage of University of Warwick playing their first home match against Birmingham University in the SUWP Championship on 18 Nov 2011. Birmingham took a strong lead and Warwick were left trailing going into the second quarter. Some superb defensive play by Warwick reduced the 4 goal deficit to just one as both teams looked to take advantage of each others respective fatigue …
Date: 12:04:55 22.11.2011
Categories: General
Keywords:  University

Uni Warwick Women v Nottingham

The University of Warwick Women's Water Polo played their opening friendly at home against a strong Nottingham side. Nottingham took the early lead, but a couple of well worked attacks gave Warwick the edge going into the final quarter. Nottingham came back with a couple of good moves, but Warwick held strong defensively to win 7-6.View Part 1 (14m 32s flashplayer required) View Part …
Date: 14:13:32 05.11.2011
Categories: General
Keywords:  University

Reliability of the 30-seconds crossbar jumps water polo test in female players

Authors: Bampouras Theodoros, School of Sport, University of Cumbria and Kelly Marrin, Edge Hill University Monitoring performance of sport-specific skills is important for elite athletes. The 30 second cross bar jump test is a commonly used assessment tool in water polo, assessing players’ ability to repeatedly elevate their body out of the water. The study aimed to examine the …
Date: 09:49:56 16.11.2010
Categories: General
Keywords:  Testing

Effect of swim sprints on throwing accuracy and velocity in female collegiate water polo players

Swim sprints are a central component of water polo competitions; however, a paucity of data describes the effect of repeated swim sprints on game-like performances. Therefore, the purpose of this study by Stevens HB, Brown LE, Coburn JW, Spiering BA. (Human Performance Laboratory, Department of Kinesiology, California State University, Fullerton, California) published in May 2010 was to invest…
Date: 13:15:20 27.10.2010
Categories: General
Keywords:  Shooting, Sprints

Game activity and blood lactate in male elite water-polo players

The purpose of a study by Melchiorri G, Castagna C, Sorge R, Bonifazi M.(School of Sport and Exercise Sciences, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, University of Roma Tor Vergata, Rome) was to examine game demands during highly competitive men's water-polo games after the introduction of new Federation International Natation Association (FINA) rules. Participants of this study were 77 outfield …
Date: 13:09:52 27.10.2010
Categories: General
Keywords:  Sports Science

Aquasapiens H2O Water Polo iPhone Game Coming November 2010

Two people from Split who have lived in the US for more than a decade, Vibor Cilic and Srdjan Mihaljevic, have designed and created a water polo game for the iPhone. The Aquasapiens H2O Water Polo iPhone game is reportedly at alpha stage and will be entering Beta in a few more weeks.  The concept for Aquasapiens and the H20Polo iPhone/iTouch/iPad game grew out of a desire to offer water …
Date: 05:08:06 22.10.2010
Categories: General
Keywords:  Video, Game

USA v Montenegro Exhibition Water Polo

26 June 2010 - Thousand Oaks, California Montenegro are touring southern California and played an exhibition match against USA at California Luthern University. USA won 7 - 6. View video (1m 43s flashplayer required to view)
Date: 10:48:30 28.06.2010
Categories: General
Keywords:  USA, Montenegro

Rob Parker on his Water Polo Life down under

Britain’s Rob Parker is one of the members of the Senior British Men’s Water Polo Team, powered by British Gas. Currently based in Australia, he is honing his skills playing with the University of New South Wales’ Wests Magpies team. "We are already over half way through the season and things are looking promising. We’re in a good league position and have beaten …
Date: 12:14:50 08.04.2010
Categories: General
Keywords:  Australia, University

University Water Polo

You may like to see examples of the standard of BUCS water polo, in view of the link between The ASA and Higher Education Swimming and Water Polo and our ongoing discussions with Bournemouth University to enter one or more water polo teams into future BUCS / Upolo competitions subject to a successful funding The following videos are from a vital match between Oxford and defending UK …
Date: 11:07:20 05.12.2009
Categories: General
Keywords:  BUCS

Core Stability

In this five part guide, TeamBath Physiotherapist Sonya Moore goes through the basics of core stability and demonstrates some basic exercises to align and strengthen your core on a swiss ball before moving on to more advanced stability exercises. Team Bath's Sports Injury Clinic  treats members of the public, staff and students at the University of Bath and corporate clients on a daily basis …
Date: 13:19:43 28.11.2009
Categories: General
Keywords:  Training

USA Men Collegiate Water Polo National Championships 2009

View video highlights (6m 38s) from 13 - 15 November 2009 at Florida Final Standings 1st -University of California-Los Angeles (Pacific Coast Division) 2nd - Florida International University (Florida Division) 3rd - University of Arizona (Southwest Division) 4th - Michigan State University (Big Ten Division) 5th - Lindenwood University (Missouri Valley Division) 6th - University …
Date: 13:53:02 25.11.2009
Categories: General
Keywords:  USA, College

Winning and Positive Sports Parenting Actually Go Together

Positive Coaching Alliance and USA Water Polo, the sport’s national governing body in America, have established a national partnership. Under the agreement, PCA will provide live group workshops and other services to USA Water Polo’s organizational leaders, coaches, parents and high school-age athletes. The Dr. Casey Show is a new Sports Psychology talk show on AM 830, KLAA which …
Date: 22:02:44 23.10.2009
Categories: General
Keywords:  Sport Psychology

Are you ready for a fabulous sporting adventure in your gap year?

Put water polo at the centre of your gap year or vacation experience and explore life in an exciting overseas destination. Whether you want to spend 6 months or 6 weeks away, a Sport Lived water polo programme may just be the perfect way to combine sport, adventure and travel. Water Polo: 8 week experience in Australia Duration: 2 months Cities: Brisbane Water Polo: Play the season in …
Date: 21:42:25 23.10.2009
Categories: General
Keywords:  Australia, University

Is the Recession Killing Sport?

Professor Simon Chadwick of the Centre for the International Business of Sport discusses the impact that the global recession is having on the business of sport in this talk recorded and streamed live on 26 March 2009 as part of the Coventry University Global Masterclass Series. View video on Youtube (51m 34s flashplayer required) Click to find out more about Simon Chadwick and his areas …
Date: 01:44:49 10.10.2009
Categories: General
Keywords:  Business

Testing elite female players

Interesting results of tests on 14 players from the Scottish National Team who competed at the Commonwealth Games Championships in Perth in 2006 in the excellent paper "Anthropometric and physiological characteristics of elite female water polo players" by K. Marrin and T.M. Bampouras, Edge Hill University. Kinanthropometry X
Date: 13:55:01 05.10.2009
Categories: General
Keywords:  Testing
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