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Water Polo Quote of the Week - Chris Hoy

"If you've been racing bikes all your life and you fall off every second day, it's not such a big deal. But for Jason that was a big shock. He'd been a water polo player - the worst you get there is getting your undercarriage squeezed by a big man." Sir Chris Hoy on former GB team-mate Jason Queally, who gave up sprinting after an horrific crash in 1996 left him with an 18-inch splint…
Date: 17:03:37 27.10.2009
Categories: General
Keywords:  Quotes

Water Polo Drills

jphillips has released an updated list of all the drills he may want to run during any given practice, so that he could organize practices more efficiently. Version 4.1 covers: - Warm-Up Drills, - Endurance Training, - Passing, - Shooting, - Counter Attack, - Goalies, - Scrimmage Situations, - Defensive Drills, - Game / Fun drills, - Beginner Drills. Download: Water …
Date: 21:46:02 12.10.2009
Categories: General
Keywords:  Drills
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