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U20 Ladies Water Polo - Australia v Great Britain

The British Gas GBR Under 20s Water Polo finished eighth at the World Under 20 Water Polo Champs, after being defeated by Australia in their final ranking match in Volos, Greece. The Australian’s took an early lead and held on through the game to win 14-3 (4-1, 4-1, 2-0, 4-1) to take seventh with the Brits in eighth – the highest ranking by any British women’s water polo …
Date: 17:25:20 02.09.2013
Categories: General
Keywords:  Junior

World League Super Final USA v Australia

Watch match highlights of the USA Women's Senior National Team v Australia Games #1 and #2 in the 2010 FINA Women's World League Super Final View Game #1 (1h 51m 54s flashplayer required) View Game #2 (1h 22m 46s flashplayer required)
Date: 11:54:00 26.04.2011
Categories: General
Keywords:  FINA, USA, Australia

Volvo Cup Invitational event

John Fox, Australia national men's coach, talks about their upcoming European tour for the Volvo Cup (4m 39s flashplayer required)
Date: 12:52:22 15.02.2011
Categories: General
Keywords:  Australia

Referees and delegates

In the video below (3m 16s flashplayer required), Michael McNell, Chairman of the AWPI Referees Commission, explains how Australian Water Polo is developing referees, the role of delegates as mentors and how the Commission is getting people involved and taking the sport forward.
Date: 12:44:09 15.02.2011
Categories: General
Keywords:  Australia, Officials, Referee, Delegate

Australian 20 & Under Water Polo Finals 2011

Queensland supplied a huge boost to the waterlogged State with a stirring 8-5 semifinal victory over the previously unbeaten Western Australia Gold men at the national 20 years & under water polo titles at Perth's Challenge Stadium on 18 January 2011. Queensland was always on top, thanks to a 3-0 start, which moved to a 6-3 advantage at the end of three quarters. Twice Queensland, thanks …
Date: 15:16:25 27.01.2011
Categories: General
Keywords:  Aiustralia

Better coaching

"Better coaching: advanced coach's manual" by Frank S. Pyke, Australian Sports Commission "Better Coaching" provides updated information on the sport sciences, including anatomy, physiology, psychology, biomechanics, and skill acquisition, which are vital for coaches in a range of sports. It features practical guidelines to develop athletes'endurance, speed, strengt…
Date: 09:36:05 16.11.2010
Categories: General
Keywords:  Coaching

Rob Parker on his Water Polo Life down under

Britain’s Rob Parker is one of the members of the Senior British Men’s Water Polo Team, powered by British Gas. Currently based in Australia, he is honing his skills playing with the University of New South Wales’ Wests Magpies team. "We are already over half way through the season and things are looking promising. We’re in a good league position and have beaten …
Date: 12:14:50 08.04.2010
Categories: General
Keywords:  Australia, University

Australian Secondary Schools Water Polo Program

This Club Coach Coaching Manual is a resource for Coaches, Physical Education Teachers, Teachers of Sport, Parents and anyone interested in organising a water polo program. Prior knowledge of water polo is beneficial, though not a prerequisite as the lessons progress in a step-by-step manner with full explanations. Ages 13-17 years. (96 Pages) Click to buy from Australian Water Polo
Date: 12:52:06 07.04.2010
Categories: General
Keywords:  Coaching, Schools, Australia


Pay per view games from the Australian Water Polo National League are being streamed live via Webcast using Rivus TV.   For more information please visit the AWPI website
Date: 12:44:54 07.04.2010
Categories: General
Keywords:  Australia

Physiological Tests for Elite Athletes

The quality assurance procedures and accreditation used in sport science laboratories in Australia are respected worldwide. An authoritative guide from the Australian Sports Commission, "Physiological Tests for Elite Athletes" offers standardized test protocols for athletes in 17 internationally recognized sports. Using the protocols in this book, researchers in any country can standa…
Date: 17:38:29 29.11.2009
Categories: General
Keywords:  Testing

Harold Mullins

David Mullins writes: "Harold Richard Victor Percival Mullins (pictured) was born in 1887 in a pub in Southampton. His father disappeared to Australia before he was born and his mother died a few years later from pneumonia on a boat trip around the Isle of Wght. "Harold was brought up by his grandparents who lived a few doors doors down from Pinnocio's on Poole Hill Bournemouth. …
Date: 10:49:08 11.11.2009
Categories: General
Keywords:  History

Are you ready for a fabulous sporting adventure in your gap year?

Put water polo at the centre of your gap year or vacation experience and explore life in an exciting overseas destination. Whether you want to spend 6 months or 6 weeks away, a Sport Lived water polo programme may just be the perfect way to combine sport, adventure and travel. Water Polo: 8 week experience in Australia Duration: 2 months Cities: Brisbane Water Polo: Play the season in …
Date: 21:42:25 23.10.2009
Categories: General
Keywords:  Australia, University

Water Polo: Beneath the Surface

Dawn Young, has been involved with film and television as an actor and voiceover artist in New York for many years doing feature and independent film, primetime and daytime television, commercials and print work. In 1996 she moved to the other side of the lens, as well, and began shooting and creating her own projects. "Beneath the Surface" (1996-2005) is Dawn's debut feature length …
Date: 12:32:08 09.10.2009
Categories: General
Keywords:  Film

Action from Australian Girls 16 and Under National Championships

Cronulla White beat Sydney Northern Beaches Breakers 11-5 in the gold medal match on 4 Oct 09. Videos: Part 1 (1m 37s), Part 2 (1m 38s), Part 3 (1m 10s) and Part 4 (2m 01s)
Date: 22:31:34 04.10.2009
Categories: General
Keywords:  Australia
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