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100 years of water polo in Croatia

In 2010 Croatian Water Polo Federation celebrated its 102nd anniversary by publishing a history of the first 100 years of water polo in Croatia.
Date: 10:28:07 30.10.2015
Categories: General
Keywords:  Croatia

British Water Polo Championships: Portobello 5 v 4 Bristol Central

Match coverage of Portobello 5 v 4 Bristol Central by Swimscene In the same round, Polytechnic 4 v 12 City Of Manchester
Date: 09:56:20 01.02.2015
Categories: General
Keywords:  Polytechic, Manchester

U20 Ladies Water Polo - Australia v Great Britain

The British Gas GBR Under 20s Water Polo finished eighth at the World Under 20 Water Polo Champs, after being defeated by Australia in their final ranking match in Volos, Greece. The Australian’s took an early lead and held on through the game to win 14-3 (4-1, 4-1, 2-0, 4-1) to take seventh with the Brits in eighth – the highest ranking by any British women’s water polo …
Date: 16:25:20 02.09.2013
Categories: General
Keywords:  Junior

U20 Ladies Water Polo - Hungary v Great Britain

Reigning silver medallists Hungary proved too strong for the British Gas GBR Under 20 Water polo team in their penultimate game of the World Under 20 Water Polo Championships in Volos, Greece  Hungary ultimately took the win 13-5 leaving the Brits with the opportunity next day to secure their highest finish ever in a World Championships. In a rematch of the opening game, Hungary were …
Date: 16:21:14 02.09.2013
Categories: General
Keywords:  Junior

U20 Ladies Water Polo - Greece v Great Britain

Watch video of a tough game which GB girls lost 16-5 to a strong home nation, Greece at the World Under 20 Water Polo Championships in Volos. The Greeks came out strongly, leading from the first period to ultimately win the game 16-5 (5-0, 4-0, 3-2, 4-3).   The homeside scored five unanswered goals in the first quarter and another four to lead 9-0 at the half time buzzer. But …
Date: 16:07:28 02.09.2013
Categories: General
Keywords:  FINA

Assistant Coach for Water Polo

Assistant Coach ia an iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad app for water polo coaches to manage their teams, players, games, practices and exercises!   You can add all your teams for each season, and consult the team's info and seasonal stats.   Add your players infos, phot, and game performances. The app will calculate the total stats for every single player automatically.   …
Date: 14:45:02 22.04.2013
Categories: General
Keywords:  iPad, iPhone

CS Water Polo

 CyberSports for Water Polo is a statistics gathering application for water polo.  The application features: - Point and click capture of all relevant water polo stats - Game and Season statistics - Detailed reports including box scores, leader reports, charts for shots and saves and lineup analysis.   With CyberSports for Water Polo the aquatic community can now get …
Date: 13:34:22 11.03.2013
Categories: General
Keywords:  iPad

Best Scoreboard app for ios

Whilst not water polo specific, this free app* for iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5 will enable you to track scores while watching matches. Designed for multi-sports - basketball, football, soccer, handball, hockey, volleyball, table tennis and even board games - the app enables you to share the scores via Facebook, Twitter or email.   You can choose the number of periods (up to 5) and their duration …
Date: 23:46:10 03.03.2013
Categories: General
Keywords:  ios

Turn your smartphone or tablet into a Water Polo scoreboard

Impress your friends by keeping track of the score of your Waterpolo games.   Downoad the free app for Andriod phones from   or without banners   Developer website:
Date: 13:27:12 03.01.2013
Categories: General
Keywords:  Equipment

Tag Events Live with Dartfish EasyTag

Dartfish EasyTag for iPhone / iPad or Android devices is an add-on to Dartfish software to capture and record info during a game/activity, allowing you to save considerable time in post analysis. It's convenient: Take e-notes and stay focused on the game. It's mobile: Have your e-notes with you at all times. It's smart: Synchronize and save time in post analysis. Experience …
Date: 13:41:12 19.12.2012
Categories: General
Keywords:  Dartfish

26th Summer Universiade in Shenzhen

Men's Water Polo Result Bronze Medal Match MKD 10 v USA 7 Result Gold Medal Match SRB 11 v RUS 8 Gold Medal SRB Silver Medal RUS Bronze Medal MKD Semifinal Result Semi final 1 SRB 12 v MKD 5 Result Semi final 2 RUS 11 v USA 10 Women's Final Result Gold Medal Match USA 4  v CHN 14
Date: 13:06:47 02.06.2012
Categories: General
Keywords:  University

U-Polo British Championships 2012

Poster via pinterest promoting the Finals Source: Uploaded by user via Natalia on Pinterest
Date: 14:54:32 03.04.2012
Categories: General
Keywords:  University

goGoal cam slow motion

goGoal cam is the first network camera for football! Produced by Sportxtreme, it produces video as full-HD 1080p and shoots in "slow-motion" or 8-megapixel photos. The wide viewing angle allows you to frame all the action through the wide-angle lens to 170 degrees. The preview display is useful for positioning and framing. Remote control "Start and Stop" video recordin…
Date: 13:06:45 03.04.2012
Categories: General
Keywords:  Camera

Croydon win national junior water polo title

Croydon Amphibians joined the national junior water polo elite in emphatic style winning the ASA National title, the highest level competition available for age group club sides.   The team who have dominated their regional league all season needed to test themselves at national level if they were to be recognised among the best in their age group.   Teams from the Midlands and …
Date: 09:31:07 31.03.2012
Categories: General
Keywords:  ASA

Germany v Great Britain in European Championships 2012

View video of GB Women's 13-11 win over Germany (1hr 10m 09s)
Date: 11:50:27 12.03.2012
Categories: General
Keywords:  GB

2012 European Water Polo Championships Previews

British Gas GBR Women's Water Polo goalkeeper Rosie Morris previews the 2012 European Water Polo Championships (3m 32s flashplayer required). Centre forward Angie Winstanley-Smith (2m 44s) Captain Fran Leighton (4m 54s)
Date: 02:33:29 19.01.2012
Categories: General
Keywords:  LEN, Eindhoven

Uni. Warwick Men vs Birmingham

WUFFtelevision footage of University of Warwick playing their first home match against Birmingham University in the SUWP Championship on 18 Nov 2011. Birmingham took a strong lead and Warwick were left trailing going into the second quarter. Some superb defensive play by Warwick reduced the 4 goal deficit to just one as both teams looked to take advantage of each others respective fatigue …
Date: 12:04:55 22.11.2011
Categories: General
Keywords:  University

Uni Warwick Women v Nottingham

The University of Warwick Women's Water Polo played their opening friendly at home against a strong Nottingham side. Nottingham took the early lead, but a couple of well worked attacks gave Warwick the edge going into the final quarter. Nottingham came back with a couple of good moves, but Warwick held strong defensively to win 7-6.View Part 1 (14m 32s flashplayer required) View Part …
Date: 14:13:32 05.11.2011
Categories: General
Keywords:  University


The newest way to whiteboard. For brilliant play makers - like * WaterpoloMat now includes the ability to Undo drawings (a highly requested Undo feature), email a pdf of your plays and supports iOS multitasking - check it out! On ordinary white boards, plays are just a memory minutes later. Gone and forgotten. On WaterpoloMat, plays stay in memory. To plan. To instruct. To point …
Date: 14:39:50 24.10.2011
Categories: General
Keywords:  app, ipad

International water polo tournament1996 & U - Canada v Montenegro

17 -21 August 2011 - Zrenjanin, Serbia 44m 20s (flashplayer required)
Date: 18:05:41 05.10.2011
Categories: General
Keywords:  Academy, Canada, Italy

Aquawallgym™ Training System

If you have no time for long workouts but want to see fast results without overloading your joints, then Aquawallgym™ Training System offers you a great alternative! Recommended by Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004 Olympic Champion waterpolo player, Rajmund Fodor, the Aquawallgym™ Training System ensures you work on all of your muscle groups. By attaching elastic tubes on to your hands, …
Date: 14:06:21 29.07.2011
Categories: General
Keywords:  Training

FINA 2011 World Championships - Kazakstan 5 v 16 Montenegro

Preliminary round match on 22 July 2011. Video via MontenegrOnline View Part 1 (14m 55s flashplayer required) View Part 2 (14m 10s flashplayer required) View Part 3 (14m 45s flashplayer required) View Part 4 (14m 13s flashplayer required) View Part 5 (14m 52s flashplayer required)
Date: 10:11:04 23.07.2011
Categories: General
Keywords:  FINA, Championships

FINA 2011 World Championships - Spain 7 v 9 Montenegro

Preliminary round match on 20 July 2011. Video via MontenegrOnline View Part 1 (14m 59s flashplayer required) View Part 2 (14m 44s flashplayer required) View Part 3 (14m 47s flashplayer required) View Part 4 (14m 57s flashplayer required) View Part 5 (12m 20s flashplayer required)
Date: 10:00:34 23.07.2011
Categories: General
Keywords:  FINA, Championships

FINA 2011 World Championships - Hungary 11 v 10 Montenegro

Preliminary round match on 18 July 2011. Video via MontenegrOnline Part 1 (14m 46s flashplayer required) Part 2 (14m 54s flashplayer required) Part 3 (11m 59s flashplayer required) Part 4 (14m 26s flashplayer required) Part 5 (14m 38s flashplayer required) Part 6 (7m 36s flashplayer required)
Date: 10:46:47 19.07.2011
Categories: General
Keywords:  FINA

Marvellous memories

In the summer of 1964, Channel swimmer Mervyn Sharp and his Weymouth team mates practised day-in, day-out ‘down at the pier’ and all their training paid off because they won the Dorset Junior Water Polo League. Mervyn, who was the team’s goalkeeper, remembers that they scored 78 times and only conceded four goals. Read more of his memories in this article.
Date: 10:47:54 18.07.2011
Categories: General
Keywords:  Weymouth

Quick Stats for Water Polo

Quick Stats for Water Polo, developed by Swabi Mobile Inc, lets you record water polo game statistics right from your Android phone. Quick Stats lets you track both team and individual players. Game statistics may be uploaded to Swabi's servers through the "Data Sync" feature. After transferring the statistics, other fans can view the statistics using "Game Stats for Sports"…
Date: 20:06:49 15.07.2011
Categories: General
Keywords:  Android, Mobile

Tactic Player

Tactic player is a free online strategy playbook build by Sebastiaan Ordelman that lets you drag & drop your own game strategy and share it with your team members. Each team member can add a strategy. It is possible to send a game plan with selected strategies to your team for each game. You are free to use tactic player in any decent way you like. You can even add practice scenarios. …
Date: 19:31:59 15.07.2011
Categories: General
Keywords:  Playbook, Software

Tony Azevedo looks forward to FINA World Championships 2011

 Tony Azevedo is preparing to lead the USA water polo team to the medal podium at the world championships, and in this episode of The Morning Swim Show, he talks about why this year's team can reverse their fourth-place finish in 2009. He also talks about what can be done to bring more interest in water polo to the United States.
Date: 12:20:19 15.07.2011
Categories: General
Keywords:  FINA, USA

Video Wall

WinkBall citizen video reporters were at Manchester Aquatics Centre for the Water Polo Championships. With both the men's and women's competition reaching a climax for the season, eyes are slowly being diverted to London 2012. For the first time in 56 years, Team GB will be able to compete at the Olympics in the sport. WinkBall reporters spoke to spectators, coaches and competitors …
Date: 11:43:40 02.07.2011
Categories: General
Keywords:  Fans, ASA

World League Super Final USA v Australia

Watch match highlights of the USA Women's Senior National Team v Australia Games #1 and #2 in the 2010 FINA Women's World League Super Final View Game #1 (1h 51m 54s flashplayer required) View Game #2 (1h 22m 46s flashplayer required)
Date: 10:54:00 26.04.2011
Categories: General
Keywords:  FINA, USA, Australia

World League Super Final USA v Greece

Watch match highlights of the 2010 FINA Women's World League Super Final USA v Greece Games #1 and #4 courtesy of USA WPView Game #1 below (1h 11m 23s flashplayer required) View Game #4 (1h 11m 23s flashplayer required)
Date: 10:50:56 26.04.2011
Categories: General
Keywords:  FINA, USA, Greece

Water Polo players are cream of the crop

SOCAL Water Polo Club takes the SEAL Fitness Challenge. View USA Water Polo video (3m 48s flashplayer required to view)
Date: 12:58:09 11.04.2011
Categories: General
Keywords:  USA, training

Lower Limb Kinematics and Flow Characteristics of the Water Polo Egbeater Kick

The water polo 'eggbeater kick' involves a cyclical action of the lower limbs producing upward forces to support players in an elevated position to pass, receive a pass, shoot for goal, or block those of an opponent. Download details of a study by Ross Sanders which identlfies variables associated with height sustained over several kick cycles. Credit: ISBS - Conference Proceedings Archive,…
Date: 10:12:31 04.04.2011
Categories: General
Keywords:  Research, Eggbeater

Disabled water polo club

Chelmsford Swimming Club has set up the the first disabled water polo club in Britain. It runs every Saturday at Moulsham High School for an hour and is open to all people with any disability above the age of The idea came after one of Chelmsford Water Polo’s coaches had a serious work accident and saw people with any disability had no route on to water polo or team sport in minor …
Date: 14:47:03 24.03.2011
Categories: General
Keywords:  Disabilities

DNA Sports Performance Ltd

Video below from DNA Sports Performance Ltd educational video library. Based in the UK DNA Sports Performance Ltd provide the following services: -Strength and conditioning for elite and young aspiring athletes including: -Strength Training -Conditioning Training - Agility Training - Speed Training - Plyometric Training - Return to Play Strategies - Injury prevention / reduction …
Date: 14:45:18 24.03.2011
Categories: General
Keywords:  Video, Land Training

Jason Lezak, Motivational Speaker

via BigSpeak Speakers Bureau View video of Jason Lezak who is not only a four-time Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer but an All-American in water polo (7m 54s flashplayer required). Jason Lezak saved the dream not once, but twice for Team USA and teammate Michael Phelps. On August 11th 2008, Jason anchored the historic 4x100m Men's Medley Relay team in a come-from-behind victory over the …
Date: 11:17:12 17.03.2011
Categories: General
Keywords:  Olympics

Unique approach

Adam Krikorian, USA Head Women's Water Polo Coach, believes coaching professional athletes take a unique approach. In this Morning Swim Show video (10m 22s flashplayer required), he talks about his methods. The team is preparing to defend their world championships title this summer, and Krikorian discusses why he decided to have all members of the team together in California to prepare, instea…
Date: 13:00:07 13.03.2011
Categories: General
Keywords:  Coaching

Athlete Experiences of Great Coaching

The primary purpose of this study by Andrea Becker was to explore athlete experiences of great coaching. A total of 18 in-depth phenomenological interviews were conducted with elite level athletes (9 female; 9 male) representing a variety of sports (i.e., baseball, basketball, football, soccer, softball, volleyball, and water polo). Participants ranged in age from 22 to 42 years (M = 29.11, …
Date: 12:31:13 23.02.2011
Categories: General
Keywords:  Coaching

Lifting Performance in Aquatic Sports

Performance in aquatic sports is limited by the ability to maximize propulsive forces and minimize resistive forces. Despite its importance in water polo, the eggbeater kick has received scant attention by sports scientists. Indirect evidence suggests that lift forces play an important role in the eggbeater kick. It appears that players improve by modifying their motions to use lift forces …
Date: 12:24:11 23.02.2011
Categories: General
Keywords:  Eggbeater, Force

NZ Water Polo promotional video

Project below involved working with NZ Water Polo to develop a fun and exciting video (9m 57s flashplayer required) to show new players and potential sponsors. It follows the journey of presenter Abe, as he delves into a world full of trials and speedos. Hard boiled coach Scott helps Abe to train and complete his ultimate goal of playing in a real game. Credits: Writer / Director - Nathan …
Date: 16:56:09 21.02.2011
Categories: General
Keywords:  New Zealand

Volvo Cup Invitational event

John Fox, Australia national men's coach, talks about their upcoming European tour for the Volvo Cup (4m 39s flashplayer required)
Date: 12:52:22 15.02.2011
Categories: General
Keywords:  Australia

Referees and delegates

In the video below (3m 16s flashplayer required), Michael McNell, Chairman of the AWPI Referees Commission, explains how Australian Water Polo is developing referees, the role of delegates as mentors and how the Commission is getting people involved and taking the sport forward.
Date: 12:44:09 15.02.2011
Categories: General
Keywords:  Australia, Officials, Referee, Delegate

The Counter Attack

The very first episode of The Counter Attack with Greg Mescall is a podcast all about water polo in the United States. This episode recorded at the USA Water Polo National Training Center in Los Alamitos, CA features USA Women's National Team Head Coach Adam Krikorian. Coach Krikorian was recently selected as a finalist for the USOC Coach of the Year Award. He talks about coaching …
Date: 08:36:40 11.02.2011
Categories: General
Keywords:  USA, podcast

Australian 20 & Under Water Polo Finals 2011

Queensland supplied a huge boost to the waterlogged State with a stirring 8-5 semifinal victory over the previously unbeaten Western Australia Gold men at the national 20 years & under water polo titles at Perth's Challenge Stadium on 18 January 2011. Queensland was always on top, thanks to a 3-0 start, which moved to a 6-3 advantage at the end of three quarters. Twice Queensland, thanks …
Date: 15:16:25 27.01.2011
Categories: General
Keywords:  Aiustralia

Coaching Water Polo

For their J-term class "Coaching and Issues in Sports" two US students chose to introduce water polo to the wider community through workshops and fun events. View video of the results (6m 22s flashplayer required)
Date: 17:23:09 25.01.2011
Categories: General
Keywords:  USA, Community

Haba Waba International Festival 2010

A water polo festival for children aged 6 to 11 years held from 19 to 22 June 2010 in Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy organized by the association "Waterpolo Development". View part 1 (9m 1s flashplayer required for all videos below) View part 2 (9m) View part 3 (9m) View part 4 (7m 15s) For more information visit and …
Date: 12:36:23 22.01.2011
Categories: General
Keywords:  Development, Fun

Foothill Water Polo Club

View video on Foothill Water Polo Club in Southern California. Although relatively new it has grown to be the second largest club in the whole of USA Water Polo (4m 4s flashplayer required)
Date: 08:56:26 20.01.2011
Categories: General
Keywords:  USA

USA Water Polo 2011 Assembly

Check out on demand video below from USA Water Polo's 2011 Assembly. Part one features presentations from USAWP CEO, USAWP staff, FINA and more. (134m 52s flashplayer required)
Date: 18:02:35 15.01.2011
Categories: General
Keywords:  USA

Vasas 10 v 9 Eger

View video from Hungary Cup Grand Final 2010 (16m 23s flashplayer required)
Date: 13:33:05 11.01.2011
Categories: General
Keywords:  Hungary

Udovicic and Armstrong named best water polo players in the world

Mladost Zagreb player and captain of the Serbian national team, Vanja Udovicic, has been declared the world's best male water polo player in 2010 in the FINA magazine. 28-year-old Udovicic led Serbia to a bronze medal at the European Championships and a triumph in the World League competition. He was named the MVP at several major club and national team competitions and in November 2010 best …
Date: 13:23:47 11.01.2011
Categories: General
Keywords:  FINA

24 Hour Fitness and USA Water Polo announce partnership

24 Hour Fitness, the official fitness centre sponsor of the 2012 US Olympic and Paralympic Teams, has entered into a partnership with USA Water Polo. As part of the agreement, 24 Hour Fitness will provide memberships to the USA Water Polo Men's and Women's Senior National Teams to support their training for the 2011 FINA World Championships in Shanghai, China, while also offering discounted …
Date: 13:53:52 08.01.2011
Categories: General
Keywords:  USA

Budva 10 vs 8 Primorac

View first leg of Montenegro Water Polo Cup final from 5 Jan 2011 in which Budva beat Primorac 10-8 (3:2, 1:1, 3:2, 3:1) - 1h 19m 47s (flashplayer required) The second leg on 15 Jan offered hope for Primorac coach Ranko Primorac Perovic: "We lost, but ... this is just the first half. I believe that we can play even better in Kotor" Budva defeated Primorac 9-8 on 15 January 2011 …
Date: 11:33:52 07.01.2011
Categories: General
Keywords:  Montenegro

Water Polo CoachApp

Water Polo Coach by Astral Zenith is a play editor and team management app. You can design and save plays and drills, store your rosters, and present your work in full screen. Other features include: - Photo export - Full and Half court option - Ability to add custom text to player objects - Ability to add orange cones onto the screen - Save "Drills" for practices …
Date: 14:33:12 28.12.2010
Categories: General
Keywords:  iPad, iPhone

Eger vs Jug Dubrovnik

View 2010 Euroleague Mens Water Polo game played 1 December 2010 between Eger vs Jug Dubrovnik - 43m 26s flashplayer required.
Date: 13:34:36 18.12.2010
Categories: General
Keywords:  LEN

Vasas vs Szeged

View 2010 Euroleague Mens Water Polo game played 13 November 2010 between Vasas vs Szeged - 78m 15s flashplayer required.
Date: 13:32:38 18.12.2010
Categories: General
Keywords:  LEN

Budva vs Vojvodina

View 2010 Euroleague Mens Water Polo game played 13 November 2010 between Budva (MNE) and Vojvodina (SRB) - 52m 14s flashplayer required.
Date: 13:28:58 18.12.2010
Categories: General
Keywords:  LEN

ODP Intermediate Ball

Launch of a new sized ball to enable young players to focus on fundamentals - it is more difficult for them to change habits as they grow older. View USA Water Polo video (2m 14s flashplayer required to view) – official brand for London 2012 water polo.
Date: 11:41:56 11.12.2010
Categories: General
Keywords:  Ball, Mikasa

Weiden slip up and PVSK secure vital win in Hungary

Goals from Great Britain players Sean King and Jack Waller couldn’t prevent SV Weiden slipping to defeat at SGW Hannover in Group A of the German Bundesliga. SV Weiden were riding high in third in the league but after dropping to a 6-2 deficit at the half-way stage, couldn’t climb back into the match. King and Waller both found the net once but Hannover goalkeeper and man of …
Date: 12:24:25 10.12.2010
Categories: General
Keywords:  GB Men, Europe

King and Waller star for high-flying Weiden

Man of the match Sean King inspired SV Weiden to an 11-5 victory over Bayer 08 Uerdingen in the German Bundesliga. British player Jack Waller also starred for Weiden but it was King who shone brightest, converting four goals from five shots as the Bavarian outfit stayed third in the league. Videos below (2m 20s and 5m 57s flashplayer required) from a best of three play-offs between the …
Date: 12:12:01 10.12.2010
Categories: General
Keywords:  GB Men, Europe

Water Polo SW Inter Counties 2010

Match action featuring Gloucestershire View videos (flashplayer required) Part 1 (9m 44s) Part 2 (9m 27s) Part 3 (7m 39s) Part 4 (9m 46s) Part 5 (8m 43s)
Date: 15:14:17 08.12.2010
Categories: General
Keywords:  Region, Gloucestershire

TacticsBoard 4 for iPhone

This application has a whiteboard with TV output (perfect for presentations) where you can draw with your fingers, add players, draw plays, visualize everything in 3D, save your diagrams as pictures or PDF and email them to your colleagues or friends. Everything with autosave, so you never lose a play! You can use it to explain your favourite team's plays. 19 boards in one: football, america…
Date: 14:10:31 03.12.2010
Categories: General
Keywords:  App, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Coaching, Tactics

Danielle Berman Deaf Water Polo Player

Danielle Berman is one of only three deaf participants among more than 400 student-athletes at Cal State Northridge and has been named "Outstanding Female Athlete of the Year" by CSUN's National Center on Deafness. Berman was a valuable reserve on the nationally-ranked Cal State Northridge women's water polo team this year. The Matadors finished the year with a school record 28 wins, …
Date: 18:47:47 02.12.2010
Categories: General
Keywords:  Deaf, USA

LEN Group E - Geat Britain Men v Greece

LEN European Men's Water Polo Championships 2012 Group E Qualification Match 20 November 2010 - Manchester Aquatics Centre
Date: 00:20:25 24.11.2010
Categories: General
Keywords:  Men, LEN

In the middle of nowhere

Three time Olympian Wolf Wigo, UCSB Men's and Women's Water Polo Head Coach shows us his favorite spot in Santa Barbara, California. View video (3m 15s flashplayer required to view)
Date: 13:10:06 23.11.2010
Categories: General
Keywords:  USA

Los Angeles Water Polo Club

Video profile of Los Angeles Water Polo Club which has 300 members and a rich tradition. They have a philosophy which clubs should aspire to of "winning at every level". The club is huge, both in numbers and geographically - it has an impressive satellite programme. Watch (5m 33s flashplayer required) and enjoy being part of one big family!
Date: 13:04:16 23.11.2010
Categories: General
Keywords:  USA

Reliability of the 30-seconds crossbar jumps water polo test in female players

Authors: Bampouras Theodoros, School of Sport, University of Cumbria and Kelly Marrin, Edge Hill University Monitoring performance of sport-specific skills is important for elite athletes. The 30 second cross bar jump test is a commonly used assessment tool in water polo, assessing players’ ability to repeatedly elevate their body out of the water. The study aimed to examine the …
Date: 09:49:56 16.11.2010
Categories: General
Keywords:  Testing

Better coaching

"Better coaching: advanced coach's manual" by Frank S. Pyke, Australian Sports Commission "Better Coaching" provides updated information on the sport sciences, including anatomy, physiology, psychology, biomechanics, and skill acquisition, which are vital for coaches in a range of sports. It features practical guidelines to develop athletes'endurance, speed, strengt…
Date: 09:36:05 16.11.2010
Categories: General
Keywords:  Coaching

Anthropometric and physiological changes in elite female water polo players during a training year

Marrin, Kelly and Bampouras, Theodoros (2008) Serbian Journal of Sports Sciences, 2 (3). pp. 75-83. ISSN 1820-6301 The aim of the current study was to monitor physiological and anthropometric characteristics of elite female water polo players within the periodized training year. Fourteen subjects participated in the current study. However, only six subjects (Mean ± SD: Age …
Date: 16:32:55 11.11.2010
Categories: General
Keywords:  Training

Updates for PlaybookWaterPolo-To Go

Daren has submitted an update to the App Store for PlaybookWaterPolo-To Go which has already been approved and the update is available for users. This is a minor update with some new features and bug fixes. For the iPad apps, Notes are now included on the PDF exports. And, for all apps, players can now have their own custom color and custom line colors. So, if you need to highlight a certain …
Date: 12:56:47 10.11.2010
Categories: General
Keywords:  iPad, iPhone

Champions Cup 2009

Highlights from Het Ravijn's Women's Champions Cup 2008/9 campaign in Manchester (8 to 11 January 2009) View Part 1 (8m 39s flashplayer required) View Part 2 (5m flashplayer required)
Date: 14:35:56 09.11.2010
Categories: General
Keywords:  Netherlands

Effect of swim sprints on throwing accuracy and velocity in female collegiate water polo players

Swim sprints are a central component of water polo competitions; however, a paucity of data describes the effect of repeated swim sprints on game-like performances. Therefore, the purpose of this study by Stevens HB, Brown LE, Coburn JW, Spiering BA. (Human Performance Laboratory, Department of Kinesiology, California State University, Fullerton, California) published in May 2010 was to invest…
Date: 12:15:20 27.10.2010
Categories: General
Keywords:  Shooting, Sprints

Game activity and blood lactate in male elite water-polo players

The purpose of a study by Melchiorri G, Castagna C, Sorge R, Bonifazi M.(School of Sport and Exercise Sciences, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, University of Roma Tor Vergata, Rome) was to examine game demands during highly competitive men's water-polo games after the introduction of new Federation International Natation Association (FINA) rules. Participants of this study were 77 outfield …
Date: 12:09:52 27.10.2010
Categories: General
Keywords:  Sports Science

Talent identification and early development of elite water-polo players

Abstract of a 2-year follow-up study by Falk B, Lidor R, Lander Y, Lang B. published in J Sports Sci. 2004 Apr;22(4):347-55: The processes of talent detection and early development are critical in any sport programme. However, not much is known about the appropriate strategies to be implemented during these processes, and little scientific inquiry has been conducted in this area. The aim …
Date: 12:05:06 27.10.2010
Categories: General
Keywords:  Development

US Women Water Polo Team Seeks Publicity

Bloomberg's Michele Steele reports on the US Women's Water Polo Team and its recent cover shoot for ESPN The Magazine. (Source: Bloomberg)
Date: 16:07:56 25.10.2010
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The Men of USA Water Polo 2011 Calendar

USA Water Polo have a 2011 calendar on sale. Please note that donations will support USA Water Polo's Victory 2012 fundraising campaign and support the training of their National Team for London 2012 and not GB Water Polo!
Date: 13:22:45 22.10.2010
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Aquasapiens H2O Water Polo iPhone Game Coming November 2010

Two people from Split who have lived in the US for more than a decade, Vibor Cilic and Srdjan Mihaljevic, have designed and created a water polo game for the iPhone. The Aquasapiens H2O Water Polo iPhone game is reportedly at alpha stage and will be entering Beta in a few more weeks.  The concept for Aquasapiens and the H20Polo iPhone/iTouch/iPad game grew out of a desire to offer water …
Date: 04:08:06 22.10.2010
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EC 2010 QT - Romania 17 v 5 Great Britain Men

European Championships 2010 Qualification Tournament Group C, 30 April to 2 May 2010 - Oradea, Romania, Game 1: ROU v GBR 17 - 5 (7-1, 2-1, 6-1, 2-2) Part 1 (10m 01s, flashplayer required) Part 2 (10m) Part 3 (10m 01s) Part 4 (10m 01s, flashplayer required) Part 5 (10m 01s) Part 6 (10m 01s) Part 7 (2m Commentatary: Narcis …
Date: 13:29:39 09.10.2010
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Keywords:  LEN, GB, Men

Match highlights from Zagreb 2010

All videos require flashplayer to view Italy v Spain(5m 01s) Croatia v Montenegro (7m 30s) Serbia v Hungary (6m 37s) Montenegro v Croatia (7m 40s)
Date: 13:21:15 13.09.2010
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Keywords:  LEN

Maureen OToole

Maureen O'Toole (USA) was a six-time World Water Polo Female Athlete of the Year and played on the Women’s US National Team for over 21 years. Between 1978 and 2000, she competed in six World Championships and seven FINA World Cups. Before joining the Women’s National Team, she played California high school and college water polo on the boy’s and men’s teams as there were …
Date: 13:08:30 13.09.2010
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Keywords:  USA

Betsey Armstrong on MSS

USA water polo goalie Betsey Armstrong just helped the American team win the FINA World Cup in New Zealand, another win in a string of victories for the USA that extends to late 2008. In this episode of the Morning Swim Show, Armstrong talks about the team dynamic in the past two years, and what it's like to be a nominee for the Women's Sports Foundation's Sportswoman of the Year.
Date: 09:04:50 11.09.2010
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PlaybookWaterPolo and PlaybookWaterPolo-To Go

Developer Daren has releaed PlaybookWaterPolo which gives water polo coaches the ability to create animated play diagrams and manage their virtual playbooks directly on the iPad. Designed to simplify the visualization of plays through animation, PlaybookWaterPolo breaks water polo plays down into individual steps and puts them back together to bring a coach’s vision to life for their players…
Date: 15:20:07 06.09.2010
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Thought for the Day

"I'm not different FROM you. I'm different LIKE you." - Nelson MandelaView bio
Date: 13:42:00 19.07.2010
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Lowestoft Water Polo Tournament 2010

Ipswich, UEA and Norwich & Thetford Water Polo Clubs participated in Lowestoft Water Polo Club's first, annual Water Polo Tournament! Mens Winning Team : UEA  |  Runners Up : Ipswich Ladies Winning Team : Ipswich  |  Runners Up : Lowestoft View video (5m flashplayer required).
Date: 11:06:04 13.07.2010
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Team USA National Water Polo Team Posters

If you're mad about water polo, or just have an unsightly spot on your bedroom wall you'd like to cover up, why not head on over to Water Polo Planet and download these posters.
Date: 10:48:10 13.07.2010
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Sharing your mission

We are always delighted to hear about the goals of your Club and share best practise. For example Capistrano Valley Aquatics Club is a top year round water polo club for players from 6-15 years of age in Orange County. Their mission is to train High School athletes, youth, and adults in the sport of water polo and swimming. Their goal is to train athletes both physically and mentally and to …
Date: 10:13:39 06.07.2010
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USA v Montenegro Exhibition Water Polo

26 June 2010 - Thousand Oaks, California Montenegro are touring southern California and played an exhibition match against USA at California Luthern University. USA won 7 - 6. View video (1m 43s flashplayer required to view)
Date: 09:48:30 28.06.2010
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Keywords:  USA, Montenegro

World League 2010

Clip (4m 46s flashplayer required) from France 9 v Germany 8 Earlier clip of M5, Italy v France (3m 55s)
Date: 11:35:57 25.06.2010
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Keywords:  France, Germany, Italy

LEN International Water Polo Tournament Tiblisi 2010

19 to 21 May 2010 - Tiblisi Slideshow below from the tournament hosted by Georgian Aquatic Sports Federation which featured Great Britain, Belarus, Ukraine and Georgia (credit stavropoulosnikos)
Date: 11:12:42 25.06.2010
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Devonport v Exeter Under 17 Water Polo

Devonport v Exeter Under 17 Water Polo 2 June 2010 Q1 (8m 52s) Q2 (10m 10s) Q3 (9m 33s) Q4 (6m 03s)
Date: 11:51:52 06.06.2010
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Woman up - April 2010

GB Women’s Water Polo centre forward Angela Winstanley-Smith and driver Rachel Drabble writing on "The last month has been pretty busy and crazy  At the start of the month we had a week’s training camp in Catania, Italy, playing against possibly the best team in the world - on paper anyway! "We had two matches against Orizzonte Catania who have …
Date: 15:28:42 12.05.2010
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Women European Championships Qualification Tournaments 2010

There were group victories for Italy and Netherlands in the Women´s European Championships Qualification Tournaments in Imperia, Italy and Dordrecht, Netherlands. Watch the video below, for highlights of Italy's wins in Imperia: 19-3 win over Ukraine (2m 53s), 17-5 over France (4m 18s) and 10-7 over Germany (4m 26s). Flashplayer is required to view videos. Qualification Tournament Group …
Date: 12:06:38 10.05.2010
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2009 State Championship Mens Waterpolo GWC vs Long Beach City College

Located in the coastal community of Huntington Beach, in Southern California, Golden West College is part of the California Community College system and was founded in 1965. In the 1hr 8m 19s video below (flashplayer required), watch Golden West College Men's Water Polo take on Long Beach City College (from 21 November 2009).
Date: 18:22:57 18.04.2010
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Keywords:  USA, College

2009 California State Womens Water Polo Championship at GWC

Located in the coastal community of Huntington Beach, in Southern California, Golden West College is part of the California Community College system and was founded in 1965. In the 1hr 15m 55s video below (flashplayer required), watch Golden West College Women's Water Polo take on Long Beach City College (from 21 November 2009).
Date: 18:19:54 18.04.2010
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Keywords:  USA, College

Greek teams win Women's LEN Trophy and LEN Champions Cup

Greek team Vouliagmeni won the European Women's Water Polo Champions Cup for a second successive time, beating Russia's Kinev Kirishi 10-7 in the final played on the Greek island of Corfu. Semifinal 1      09/04/2010 Olympiacos SC 11 v 12 Kinef-Surgutneftegas Kirishi [3-2]  [2-3]  [3-3]  [2-2] Extra Time:  [1-0]  [0-2] Penalties:  [0-0] …
Date: 17:47:59 11.04.2010
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Keywords:  Greece, LEN

Rob Parker on his Water Polo Life down under

Britain’s Rob Parker is one of the members of the Senior British Men’s Water Polo Team, powered by British Gas. Currently based in Australia, he is honing his skills playing with the University of New South Wales’ Wests Magpies team. "We are already over half way through the season and things are looking promising. We’re in a good league position and have beaten …
Date: 11:14:50 08.04.2010
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Australian Secondary Schools Water Polo Program

This Club Coach Coaching Manual is a resource for Coaches, Physical Education Teachers, Teachers of Sport, Parents and anyone interested in organising a water polo program. Prior knowledge of water polo is beneficial, though not a prerequisite as the lessons progress in a step-by-step manner with full explanations. Ages 13-17 years. (96 Pages) Click to buy from Australian Water Polo
Date: 11:52:06 07.04.2010
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Pay per view games from the Australian Water Polo National League are being streamed live via Webcast using Rivus TV.   For more information please visit the AWPI website
Date: 11:44:54 07.04.2010
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ASDA gives water polo player a Sporting Chance

16-year-old water polo player Samantha Barker is celebrating after being chosen to receive Asda’s Sporting Chance grant for 2010. The Trinity School (Carlisle) pupil, who was picked because of her outstanding performance, will receive a grant of £500 as well as ongoing support from the supermarket at Kingstown, which she visited to show her appreciation. A keen swimmer from …
Date: 11:38:17 07.04.2010
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An introduction to London Orca

Out To Swim is a swimming club for London's Gay & Lesbian community and welcomes new members at all levels - from beginners to advanced. View video profile (2m 1s flashplayer required to view). More information from
Date: 15:42:51 29.03.2010
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Keywords:  London

Mens Under 16 Water Polo Western Canadian Training Camp

Videos from a week-long Western Canadian Training Camp at the Commonwealth Place Pool in Victoria, BC with 35 talented athletes. Francis Gross (Head Coach), and assistant coaches Kevin Mitchell and Andrew Muir delivered thirteen 2½-hour aquatic practices and several video sessions, emphasizing team building and fitness toward the goal of obtaining a spot on one of Canadas future national…
Date: 15:34:07 29.03.2010
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Keywords:  Coaching, Training, Canada

Water Polo venue for the London 2012 Games

London-based David Morley ‎Architects won a contract from the Olympic Delivery Authority, the body responsible for ensuring delivery of venues, infrastructure and legacy for the 2012 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games in London) to design the temporary Water Polo venue for the London 2012 Games. Appointed through the ODA's Design Services Framework, the design team will develop a design …
Date: 18:56:15 15.02.2010
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1933 Dorset Swimming Association Water Polo Medal

Apparently there is a super little medal / fob being sold on ebay which was presented for second place in the Water Polo league by Dorset County Amateur Swimming Association. The fob measures 29mm in diameter. Starting bid is 99p - seller in Newton Abbot. View item on ebay
Date: 18:41:14 15.02.2010
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USA Water Polo 2010 ODP Summit

The objective of the USA Water Polo ODP Program is to nationalize the sport while providing uniform instruction and training across all geographies and age groups. Along with this, the Olympic Development Program increases investment in the development of coaches and referees. A key objective of ODP for the 2009-10 year is to invest more resources at the regional level into athlete, coach, and …
Date: 12:54:48 15.02.2010
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Italy vs World All Stars for Haiti

View video (6m 49s, flashplayer required) of the foreign all-star water polo team playing the Italian national side on Tuesday 9 February 2010 in a match organised to raise funds for the relief efforts in Haiti. World Roster Merrill Moses (USA) Tibor Benedek (Hugary) Guillermo Rios Molina (Spain) Vanja Udovicic (Serbia) Damir Buric (Croatia) Tamas Kasas (Hungary) Norbert Madaras (Hungary…
Date: 12:49:03 15.02.2010
Categories: General
Keywords:  Fundraising

USA Water Polo Awards Dinner 2010

A look back at the USA Water Polo Awards Dinner and Team USA Celebration during the Annual ODP Summit on Saturday, 30 January 2010. The awards were named in honour of a person or persons who have made an extraordinary contribution to the sport, and this year the recipients included a wide range of coaches and contributors from all across the United States. View video (5m 40s flashplayer required) …
Date: 12:40:15 15.02.2010
Categories: General
Keywords:  USA

British Water Polo Player of the Year 2009

Manchester Grammar School’s swimming and water polo coach and Great Britain goalkeeper Rosie Morris was presented with the British Water Polo Player of the Year award by Olympic medal-winning swimmer Sharron Davies at a glittering ceremony in London. The 23-year-old is currently training with the British women’s squad based at the Manchester Aquatics Centre as they try to ensure …
Date: 14:29:02 03.02.2010
Categories: General
Keywords:  Goalkeeper, Awards

Coaching award for Jovan Vavic

USA Water Polo's Annual Awards honored recipients for their work in 2009 at a dinner during the Annual ODP Summit on 30 January 2010. The awards were named in honor of a person or persons who have made an extraordinary contribution to the sport, and this year the recipients included a wide range of coaches and contributors from all across the United States. The Monte Nitzkowski Distinguished …
Date: 17:45:27 01.02.2010
Categories: General
Keywords:  Coaching, USA

Men FINA World League 2010 Game Day 3

Italy and Serbia remained unbeaten after game day 3 where five of six matches were decided by just one goal.  You can view hihlights of Italy's 8-7 win over Montenegro in the video below (6m Group Europe   Tuesday, 26 January 19:15 Italy vs. Montenegro 8-7 (1-1, 3-2, 2-3, 2-1) - in Brescia, Italy 20:00 Germany vs. France 7-6 (0-1, 3-1, 2-2, 2-2) - in Magdeburg, Germany …
Date: 13:32:26 29.01.2010
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Keywords:  FINA

Goal action from Copa Del Rei Jan 2010

Video highlights of El Club Natació Atlètic-Barceloneta's 12-6 win over CN Sabadell to clinch a fifth consecutive King's Cup title (7m 34s). CN Sabadell: Juan Carlos García, Marc Hernández (1), Óscar Carrillo (2), Adrià Carabí, Eric Marsal, Dani Cercols (1), Marko Cuk (2), Carlos Sánchez, Anthony Martin, Enric Moreno, Jordi Millán, …
Date: 13:26:08 29.01.2010
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Navy Seals

The U.S. Navy is looking to recruit civilian athletes who stand a better chance of actually completing the difficult SEAL training.Navy SEALs are in high demand because they specialize in high-risk operations such as high profile rescues of cargo crew from Somali pirates. However, finding recruits with an adequate level of physical fitness has been difficult, especially while the Navy is trying …
Date: 13:58:45 28.01.2010
Categories: General
Keywords:  Navy

Betsey Armstrong Female Water Polo Player of the Year

This Morning Swim Show interview features Betsey Armstrong, the goalie for the U.S. women's water polo national team. Armstrong, who was recently named women's water polo player of the year by Swimming World Magazine, talks to host Peter Busch about training methods and the struggle for water polo players to make a living in the sport. Armstrong chalked up 67 saves during the USA's Gold Medal …
Date: 02:39:54 26.01.2010
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Keywords:  Goalie, USA

Club development - Rose Bowl Water Polo

Based in Pasadena, Rose Bowl is fast becoming one of Southern California's top Clubs and was USA Water Polo's Club of the Month in April 2009. They run "Flippa Ball" sessions for a fun and easy way for girls and boys aged 5-10 to learn about water polo, as well as competitive Age Group teams from U10 to U18. Led by Daniel Leyson, former assistant coach of the 2004 USA Olympic team, …
Date: 02:28:25 26.01.2010
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London 2012 venues

Click to view a gallery of computer generated images showing how Games-time venues will look in 2012
Date: 11:49:07 25.01.2010
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Keywords:  Olympics

LEN Pre-Match Technical Meeting

Eever wondered what happens at a Techical Meeting before a LEN Trophy Match? Well thanks to Andrey Constantinov, a member of the Technical Water Polo Committee and editing by Mastrocola Norberto you can view footage of the meeting held before the game between Centre Natació Mataró and Brixia Leonessa Nuoto SSD A View video footage (9m You need Flash player 8+ …
Date: 22:46:27 31.12.2009
Categories: General
Keywords:  LEN

Action from last 16 LEN Trophy 2010

Brixia won their second match against Mataró to secure a quarter final place. 28/11/2009 Brixia Leonessa Nuoto SSD A R.L. 11 v 5 Centre Natació Mataró [2-1]  [3-2]  [3-1]  [3-1] 16/12/2009 Centre Natació Mataró 7 v 10 Brixia Leonessa Nuoto SSD A [1-0]  [3-3]  [0-4]  [3-3] CN Matarò: Tebar, Sanchez, Ohalloran …
Date: 22:36:11 31.12.2009
Categories: General
Keywords:  LEN

Action from 15th FINA Junior Mens Water Polo World Championships 2009

22 to 30 August 2009 - Šibenik, Croatia Serbia drew 4-4 with Spain in the 4m 50s video below before defeating Montenegro to win bronze, The final was a nerve wrecking match between Greece and Croatia which was tied 7:7 at the end of the fourth quarter. Hosts Croatia won 9-8 thanks to Marko Ivankovi?'s shot 2 seconds before the end of the 2nd extra time. Click to view the match report …
Date: 18:51:36 19.12.2009
Categories: General
Keywords:  Junior, FINA

Road Trip

CA members of the USA Women's Senior National Team had a camera along for the ride as they journeyed to the Holiday Cup. Check out part 1 and part 2 as they make their way to Corona del Mar High School. The video features three-time Olympian Heather Petri along with Erika Figge, Lauren Silver, and Head Coach Adam Krikorian. Click for more information on the Holiday View part 1 (7m …
Date: 13:51:23 09.12.2009
Categories: General
Keywords:  USA

University Water Polo

You may like to see examples of the standard of BUCS water polo, in view of the link between The ASA and Higher Education Swimming and Water Polo and our ongoing discussions with Bournemouth University to enter one or more water polo teams into future BUCS / Upolo competitions subject to a successful funding The following videos are from a vital match between Oxford and defending UK …
Date: 11:07:20 05.12.2009
Categories: General
Keywords:  BUCS

Physiological Tests for Elite Athletes

The quality assurance procedures and accreditation used in sport science laboratories in Australia are respected worldwide. An authoritative guide from the Australian Sports Commission, "Physiological Tests for Elite Athletes" offers standardized test protocols for athletes in 17 internationally recognized sports. Using the protocols in this book, researchers in any country can standa…
Date: 17:38:29 29.11.2009
Categories: General
Keywords:  Testing

Core Stability

In this five part guide, TeamBath Physiotherapist Sonya Moore goes through the basics of core stability and demonstrates some basic exercises to align and strengthen your core on a swiss ball before moving on to more advanced stability exercises. Team Bath's Sports Injury Clinic  treats members of the public, staff and students at the University of Bath and corporate clients on a daily basis …
Date: 13:19:43 28.11.2009
Categories: General
Keywords:  Training

USA Men Collegiate Water Polo National Championships 2009

View video highlights (6m 38s) from 13 - 15 November 2009 at Florida Final Standings 1st -University of California-Los Angeles (Pacific Coast Division) 2nd - Florida International University (Florida Division) 3rd - University of Arizona (Southwest Division) 4th - Michigan State University (Big Ten Division) 5th - Lindenwood University (Missouri Valley Division) 6th - University …
Date: 13:53:02 25.11.2009
Categories: General
Keywords:  USA, College

Huntington Beach Water Polo Club

There are some really useful messages for Clubs on the benefits of club membership and working with schools in the "USA Water Polo Presents Huntington Beach Water Polo Club" video below which features Olympian and Coach Natalie Benson preparing her Huntington Beach Club team for the Junior Olympics (4m You need Flash player 8+ and JavaScript enabled to view this video. …
Date: 12:52:39 16.11.2009
Categories: General
Keywords:  USA

News from the Netherlands

The Dutch Swimming Federation KNZB ( streams various water polo games, events and news via Around 150 children attended a National Day of Mini Polo organized by KNZB on 1 November 2009. They launched a new website which aims to provide information for organizations wishing to offer mini polo. It has interactive games designed for young audiences. …
Date: 16:28:18 15.11.2009
Categories: General
Keywords:  Dutch

Sean Paul

Sean Paul was born in Kingston, Jamaica and his parents, Garth and Frances, were both talented athletes. Many members of his family are swimmers. His grandfather was on the first Jamaican men's national water polo team. His father also played water polo for the team in the 1960s, and competed in long-distance swimming, while Sean Paul's mother was a backstroke swimmer. Sean Paul played for the …
Date: 15:59:55 15.11.2009
Categories: General
Keywords:  Celebrity

Harold Mullins

David Mullins writes: "Harold Richard Victor Percival Mullins (pictured) was born in 1887 in a pub in Southampton. His father disappeared to Australia before he was born and his mother died a few years later from pneumonia on a boat trip around the Isle of Wght. "Harold was brought up by his grandparents who lived a few doors doors down from Pinnocio's on Poole Hill Bournemouth. …
Date: 10:49:08 11.11.2009
Categories: General
Keywords:  History

ANNP Regional Youth Mens Water Polo Championships 2009/10

Highlights from November 2009 rounds of the ANNP Regional Youth Men's Championship 2009/10 from Portugal: Clube Naval Povoense 15 v 7 Paredes Rota dos Móveis  (3-3, 2-1, 2-2, 8-1) View video from 4 Nov 09 (6m 54s flashplayer required) Clube Naval Povoense 28 v  5 CEA Trofa (7-0,6-3,5-1,10-1) View 3rd round video below (10m flashplayer required)
Date: 17:46:42 08.11.2009
Categories: General
Keywords:  Portugal

Water Polo: Fiorentina 13 v Catania 10

Video highlights (7m 11s, flashplayer required) from the 5th day of Italian Ladies A1 League 2010 in Florence between Fiorentina Water Polo and Geymonat Orizzonte Catania on 6 Nov 09. After scoring 2-1, 4-5, 3-3, 4-1, Fiorentina now lead the standings with 15 points.
Date: 01:32:31 08.11.2009
Categories: General
Keywords:  Italy, Ladies

The A1 Ethniki Water Polo 2009 - Rounds 1 and 2

Highlights of the game on the first day of The A1 Ethniki (Greek Water Polo League) between N.C. Vouliagmenis and PAOK Thessalonikis (8m 49s) Highlights of the game on the first day between Panathinaikos and N.E. Patras (9m 59s) Highlights of the game on the second day between Panathinaikos and NC Vouliagmenis (6m 26s)
Date: 00:53:49 07.11.2009
Categories: General
Keywords:  Greece

A Closer look into becoming a USA Water Polo Referee

Video (4m 31s) outlining the role of the USA Water Polo Officials Association ( from Jan 2010) and useful tips on getting started as a referee.
Date: 00:37:23 07.11.2009
Categories: General
Keywords:  Officials, USA

Italian Ladies A1 Water Polo: Roma ASD v B. S. Plebiscito

Action from the game between Roma ASD and Beauty Star Plebiscito (4-10) from the 2008/9 Italian Ladies A1 Championships on 25 October 2008. Video shot and edited by Ateneriena Prod View video of Quarter 1 (10m) View video of Quarter 2 (9m 58s) View video of Quarter 3 (9m 23s) View video of Quarter 4 (9m 58s)
Date: 23:43:03 03.11.2009
Categories: General
Keywords:  Italy

USA Water Polo Women National Team Training

Video (3m 20s) shot prior to FINA 2009 World Championships
Date: 19:06:39 03.11.2009
Categories: General
Keywords:  USA

Pro Evolution Water Polo 2010

Would you like to see a multi-platform video game simulating Pro Evolution Water Polo added to the EA Sports line? If so, why not join at least 100 others and sign this petition to influence their decision.
Date: 14:54:00 03.11.2009
Categories: General
Keywords:  Gaming

Interview with Tony Azevedo

Long Beach is the home of one of the best water polo players in the world, Tony Azevedo. However his sport has led him to spend his life living overseas, playing in Italy, Croatia and now Montenegro.  You can read what a day in the life of Tony Azevedo looks like in this interview on
Date: 14:44:33 03.11.2009
Categories: General
Keywords:  USA

Interview with Water Polo Coach Don Anderson

Calvert Hall Water Polo Coach Don Anderson guided his teams to eight consecutive MIAA A Conference Championships from 2001 through 2008. The Hall lost to Loyola 7-6 in the championship final this season, ending the streak. In the video below, Anderson, who said he would retire before the season began, reflects on how he got into coaching and his nine years at the helm (9m 10s flashplayer required)…
Date: 21:01:21 02.11.2009
Categories: General
Keywords:  Coaching, USA

Action from LEN European B Water Polo Championships 2009

5 to 13 Sep 09 Lugano France 12 v 6 Denmark (7m 14s) Denmark 6 v 11 Turkey 11 (6m 39s) Denmark 7 v Belarus 14 (5m 30s)
Date: 19:02:33 01.11.2009
Categories: General
Keywords:  LEN

Action from LEN Euro Water Polo League Qualification Round 2

Group F match on 25 Oct 09 in Montenegro Vaterpolo Klub Budvanska 9 v 9 Havk Mladost View video highlights (6m 19s) via Namorwp
Date: 14:58:37 29.10.2009
Categories: General
Keywords:  LEN

Water Polo Quote of the Week - Chris Hoy

"If you've been racing bikes all your life and you fall off every second day, it's not such a big deal. But for Jason that was a big shock. He'd been a water polo player - the worst you get there is getting your undercarriage squeezed by a big man." Sir Chris Hoy on former GB team-mate Jason Queally, who gave up sprinting after an horrific crash in 1996 left him with an 18-inch splint…
Date: 17:03:37 27.10.2009
Categories: General
Keywords:  Quotes

Game Footage of CV JV vs Wilson

High School Junior Varsity video action from the USA of Cumberland Valley Eagles v Wilson (9-3)
Date: 13:53:51 25.10.2009
Categories: General
Keywords:  USA

Drac and Janson Wigo

Twin brothers Drac and Janson Wigo talk about their final season on Stanford's water polo team, how they have learned each other's plays in the water and how they got their start playing water polo in this October 2009 Morning Swim Show segment (8m 13s flashplayer required to view).
Date: 13:11:36 25.10.2009
Categories: General
Keywords:  USA

Nikola Vavic

View Fox Sports West video spotlight on Loyola High School boys water polo team below (3m 44s flashplayer required to view) and check out what makes Nikola Vavic different from the rest and more. HS Spotlight: Loyola Water Polo FOX Sports | MySpace Video
Date: 12:57:40 25.10.2009
Categories: General
Keywords:  USA

Cup action from Dutch Premier League

Goal action below of Cup matches for the premier league (Hoofd klasse) in the Netherlands with some nice slow motion to show player reactions. Coach Zeno Reuten's WS Twente Men's team were no match for TW Zaanstreek losing 5 - WS Twente 1 - TW Zaanstreek 1 Heren waterpolo from WS Twente on Vimeo. In the Ladies match WS Twente lost 7-10 to TW Zaanstreek WS Twente 1 - …
Date: 11:12:19 24.10.2009
Categories: General
Keywords:  Netherlands, Shooting

Winning and Positive Sports Parenting Actually Go Together

Positive Coaching Alliance and USA Water Polo, the sport’s national governing body in America, have established a national partnership. Under the agreement, PCA will provide live group workshops and other services to USA Water Polo’s organizational leaders, coaches, parents and high school-age athletes. The Dr. Casey Show is a new Sports Psychology talk show on AM 830, KLAA which …
Date: 21:02:44 23.10.2009
Categories: General
Keywords:  Sport Psychology

Are you ready for a fabulous sporting adventure in your gap year?

Put water polo at the centre of your gap year or vacation experience and explore life in an exciting overseas destination. Whether you want to spend 6 months or 6 weeks away, a Sport Lived water polo programme may just be the perfect way to combine sport, adventure and travel. Water Polo: 8 week experience in Australia Duration: 2 months Cities: Brisbane Water Polo: Play the season in …
Date: 20:42:25 23.10.2009
Categories: General
Keywords:  Australia, University

The Amazing A

A 4m video demonstration from Saanich Water Polo School of a training aid called the Amazing A because it looks like a letter A when erected.
Date: 17:05:37 19.10.2009
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Keywords:  Training, Equipment

Developing a water polo program

SET Water Polo Club (SET WPC) is a year-round water polo program for 10/U, 12/U, 14/U, 16/U, 18/U and Masters in Orange County, USA designed to help aspiring players learn the dynamic sport of water polo.  Players train in an atmosphere that reinforces high self-esteem, self-motivation, physical fitness and respect for others. SET WPC focuses on the fundamental skills necessary to have …
Date: 15:30:33 19.10.2009
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Keywords:  Development

Code of Conduct

If your Club doesn't already have a Code of Conduct, it should! The ASA provides a Code of Conduct and there are Clubmark Codes of Conduct for Volunteers and Officials and Parents for your Club to adopt. The principles in the NSW code below are also worthwhile. - Don’t force unwilling children into playing.   - Remember it’s a game for the child’s enjoyment, not …
Date: 10:45:08 13.10.2009
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Keywords:  Code

Water Polo Drills

jphillips has released an updated list of all the drills he may want to run during any given practice, so that he could organize practices more efficiently. Version 4.1 covers: - Warm-Up Drills, - Endurance Training, - Passing, - Shooting, - Counter Attack, - Goalies, - Scrimmage Situations, - Defensive Drills, - Game / Fun drills, - Beginner Drills. Download: Water …
Date: 20:46:02 12.10.2009
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Keywords:  Drills

Is the Recession Killing Sport?

Professor Simon Chadwick of the Centre for the International Business of Sport discusses the impact that the global recession is having on the business of sport in this talk recorded and streamed live on 26 March 2009 as part of the Coventry University Global Masterclass Series. View video on Youtube (51m 34s flashplayer required) Click to find out more about Simon Chadwick and his areas …
Date: 00:44:49 10.10.2009
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Keywords:  Business

Water Polo: Beneath the Surface

Dawn Young, has been involved with film and television as an actor and voiceover artist in New York for many years doing feature and independent film, primetime and daytime television, commercials and print work. In 1996 she moved to the other side of the lens, as well, and began shooting and creating her own projects. "Beneath the Surface" (1996-2005) is Dawn's debut feature length …
Date: 11:32:08 09.10.2009
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Keywords:  Film

Learning from Sports Club of the Year Winners

CCPR is the national alliance of governing and representative bodies of sport and recreation. CCPR's Sports Club of the Year awards recognise sports clubs which have made an outstanding contribution within their community in association with the Foundation for Sport and the Arts (FSA) and runningsports. The awards ceremony, held 5 May in Tower Hill, London, celebrated six finalists who all demonst…
Date: 13:45:25 08.10.2009
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Keywords:  Awards, Clubs

Guide to Water Polo Goalkeeping by Craig Wilson

Contents: Why I chose to become a Water Polo Goalie and beyond. How did Water Polo Goalies Originate? Rule Differences Between the Goalie and the Field Player. The "Right Stuff" - Goalie Selection: What Makes a Goalie? - Psychological Profile: - Physical Profile: - The intangibles - goalie/field player interaction and individual patience. Fundamentals - How do you do it right?…
Date: 14:27:38 07.10.2009
Categories: General
Keywords:  Goalkeeping

Ball Handling Skills

 In the opinion of many international judges and players, Tamas Farago is the best athlete ever to play the game. Tamas shares his tips in the extract below: Ball Handling Skills by Tamas Farago
Date: 13:38:43 05.10.2009
Categories: General
Keywords:  Skills, Training

Testing elite female players

Interesting results of tests on 14 players from the Scottish National Team who competed at the Commonwealth Games Championships in Perth in 2006 in the excellent paper "Anthropometric and physiological characteristics of elite female water polo players" by K. Marrin and T.M. Bampouras, Edge Hill University. Kinanthropometry X
Date: 12:55:01 05.10.2009
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Keywords:  Testing

Action from Quarter Final of Coupe de France

4 October 2009 1m 50s video news report on Elite / N1 featuring hosts Montpellier Water Polo.
Date: 21:50:27 04.10.2009
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Keywords:  France

Action from Australian Girls 16 and Under National Championships

Cronulla White beat Sydney Northern Beaches Breakers 11-5 in the gold medal match on 4 Oct 09. Videos: Part 1 (1m 37s), Part 2 (1m 38s), Part 3 (1m 10s) and Part 4 (2m 01s)
Date: 21:31:34 04.10.2009
Categories: General
Keywords:  Australia

Water polo coach clipboard

Keith Rumjahn has developed coach clipboards for lots of sports and this iPhone app allows you to move your players around on the screen and draw lines using your finger. Water polo coaches, players and fans can use the app to discuss plays from your playbook with  friends and team mates. Features - Move your players across the screen - Draw lines on the board with your finger - "C…
Date: 13:23:36 21.09.2009
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Keywords:  iPhone

Pool fun with Inner Tube Water Polo

Getting kids involved in a sport and retaining fun elements present unique challenges. One activity that's been growing in popularity and recently featured on the 'Nike Women' blog is Inner Tube Water Polo. Trying to manoeuvre the length of a pool while sitting atop an inner tube is no easy task. Inner tubes are not streamlined to reduce the drag produced and play can "resemble buzzing …
Date: 12:42:55 21.09.2009
Categories: General
Keywords:  Fun

XIII Fina World Championships 2009 USA v Croatia

3rd - 4th place play-off game between USA and Croatia View Part 1 of 4 View Part 2 of 4 View Part 3 of 4 View Part 4 of 4
Date: 01:10:33 20.09.2009
Categories: General
Keywords:  FINA

Active People

The number of adults* across England who regularly participate in sport and active recreation has increased, with the 55s and over showing the biggest growth spurt, a Sport England survey reveals. Early results of Sport England’s second year of The Active People Survey show that the number of adults, aged 16 plus, participating in 30 minutes of moderate intensity sport or active recreati…
Date: 01:52:45 18.04.2008
Categories: General
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