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Updates for PlaybookWaterPolo-To Go

12:56:47 10.11.2010 posted by admin at 12:56:47 10.11.2010
Daren has submitted an update to the App Store for PlaybookWaterPolo-To Go which has already been approved and the update is available for users.

This is a minor update with some new features and bug fixes. For the iPad apps, Notes are now included on the PDF exports. And, for all apps, players can now have their own custom color and custom line colors. So, if you need to highlight a certain player or route you can easily do so. He's also added an option to show / hide the motion lines during an animation.

Note that the text for the PDF files may not be readable when using a Windows system and Google Documents. The iOS devices have the same fonts embedded into them as a Mac, however it seems that Windows (and Google Documents) seem to rely on the fonts being embedded into the file.

Here’s a full list of the enhancements:
- Added Notes output for PDF export (iPad only)
- Allowed player colors to be customized, default is their team color
- Allowed player motion lines to have custom colors, default is their team color
- Added toggleable setting to show/hide ‘Animation Lines’ (can choose to show or hide motion lines during animation playback)

Here’s a list of some bug fixes:
- Delayed menu display until play is completely over (iPhone only)
- Fixed play resetting after playback (iPhone only)
- Fixed PDF crash when play name contains non-standard ASCII letters
- Fixed crash that occurs when editing a copied play
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