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Aquasapiens H2O Water Polo iPhone Game Coming November 2010

05:08:06 22.10.2010 posted by admin at 05:08:06 22.10.2010
Two people from Split who have lived in the US for more than a decade, Vibor Cilic and Srdjan Mihaljevic, have designed and created a water polo game for the iPhone. The Aquasapiens H2O Water Polo iPhone game is reportedly at alpha stage and will be entering Beta in a few more weeks. 

The concept for Aquasapiens and the H20Polo iPhone/iTouch/iPad game grew out of a desire to offer water polo fanatics an interactive virtual version of the game, and a way to connect other similar individuals interested in water polo. They wondered why other sporting video games could put us out on the field or right at centre court, but the extreme, water-thrashing excitement of water polo had yet to be captured for play in a video game.

"We want to give fans the chance to experience for the first time virtual water polo. And also give lay people and people interested in the sport a chance to learn the basics of the sport, literally before their eyes, and in their hands ...

The duo went to the same nursery, the same elementary and high school. Water Polo provided a chance for a post-secondary school college education in America.

Srdjan spent the first year in California, then New York, where he graduated St. Francis College with a degree in finance, and a master's degree at New York University.

Vibor spent four years at West Valley College in California nd two in Atlanta before settling in New York for the last six years, where he graduated from Five Towns College with a Music Business degree.

As an assistant coach and judge, the idea for games for iPhone was born because of the difficulty in raising the profile of water polo via TV, radio and newspapers, and a belief that smartphones are the future of global communications with cheap video games and applications,.

The pair are aiming for organic growth using revenue and earnings improvements for game updates and upgraded functionality, before switching to other platforms- Android, iPad - and organizing various virtual tournaments, which will lead to a real tournament.

"We have created a multi-year business plan. The ultimate goal is to reach the popularity of video games such as Fifa Soccer or Pro Evolution."

Listen to radio interview (Croatian)

Visit - their Facebook page is AquasapiensH2OPologame, and Twitter page H2OPologame.
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