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13:58:45 28.01.2010 posted by admin at 13:58:45 28.01.2010
The U.S. Navy is looking to recruit civilian athletes who stand a better chance of actually completing the difficult SEAL training.

Navy SEALs are in high demand because they specialize in high-risk operations such as high profile rescues of cargo crew from Somali pirates. However, finding recruits with an adequate level of physical fitness has been difficult, especially while the Navy is trying to increase their number of active SEALs without lowering standards.

It was reported that the Navy has been ordered to expand the number of active SEALs from roughly 1,800 now to 2,500 by the year 2012. Right now, only around 25% of recruits ever complete the demanding training. The Navy wants to raise the completion rate to 50% without lowering expectations by looking to recruit athletes who excel in sports requiring endurance and discipline.

Sports targeted for Navy SEAL recruitment efforts are rugby, wrestling, swimming and wait for it, water polo!

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