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11:45:08 13.10.2009 posted by admin at 11:45:08 13.10.2009
If your Club doesn't already have a Code of Conduct, it should! The ASA provides a Code of Conduct and there are Clubmark Codes of Conduct for Volunteers and Officials and Parents for your Club to adopt.

The principles in the NSW code below are also worthwhile.

- Don’t force unwilling children into playing.
- Remember it’s a game for the child’s enjoyment, not the parents.
- Stress playing to the rules at all times.
- Stress being honest at all times.
- Stress sportsmanship and skills improvement.
- Applaud good moves by your team and the opposition.
- Don’t publicly criticize any officials.
- Remove any form of verbal or physical abuse.
- Recognize the value and importance of volunteer coaches.
- Encourage your child to write “thank you” letters to officials.
- Remember that positive comments are motivational.
- Do not harass players or officials.
- If you disagree with officials use the appropriate channels, not in public or via the press.
- Accept defeat with dignity.
- Value the contribution of the coach, even if you disagree.
- You may not cheer for the opposition necessarily but please don’t cheer against them.

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