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TacticsBoard 4 for iPhone

14:10:31 03.12.2010 posted by admin at 14:10:31 03.12.2010
This application has a whiteboard with TV output (perfect for presentations) where you can draw with your fingers, add players, draw plays, visualize everything in 3D, save your diagrams as pictures or PDF and email them to your colleagues or friends. Everything with autosave, so you never lose a play!

You can use it to explain your favourite team's plays.

19 boards in one: football, american football, basketball, baseball, hockey, volleyball, ice hockey, curling, handball, lacrosse box, lacrosse field, polo, rugby league, rugby union, shuffleboard, water polo and three plain colour backgrounds.

- LOAD AND SAVE your plays or formation presets;
- MAIL PDF or HIGH RESOLUTION diagrams to colleagues or friends;
- Search your files by name;
- High resolution icons to make it feel right and look good on iPhone 4;
- Player’s tag in bold with a red glow, to improve readability;
- File names can be up to 20 characters long;
- 3 PLAIN COLOR BACKGROUNDS for generic drawings;
- Every sport comes with its own ball;
- 3 extra balls for generic drawings;
- 6 DIFFERENT ICONS to represent the players;
- SIX COLORS available for lines;
- ERASER to clean lines any time;
- 3D MODE - See your drawing in 3D with full control over perspective, rotation and scale;
- AUTOSAVE - all drawings are saved automatically, so you never lose a drawing even if you forget to save;
- All images created with this app are royalties free. You can use them for any purpose;

- Memory usage reduced by 50%, to increase speed and maximize operations;
- Faster way to add objects to your diagrams: select the object you want to add and tap on the screen, as fast as you can, to add the players on the desired position;
- New "number indicator" - add any quantity of number indicators to your diagrams. Helps numbering your plays; Numbers go from 00 to 99;
- New text box - add text to your diagrams in multiple sizes and countless colors;
- New "cone" object, you can add to mark special positions on the field / court;
- Objects can now have any colour;
- New color palette - instead of six colours to choose, you now have 16.7 million colours at your disposal to draw lines and objects;
- Lines are now saved in a new layer, so you can edit them any time, even after saving a file or quitting TacticsBoard;
- Bug fix - some users were reporting problems loading file presets and files. This is now solved.
- Bug fix - solved some small issues with the TV Output module.

Compatible with iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 2nd Generation and iPhone 4.

Here it is

An iPad version is also available.
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