Water polo coach clipboard

14:23:36 21.09.2009 posted by admin at 14:23:36 21.09.2009
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Keith Rumjahn has developed coach clipboards for lots of sports and this iPhone app allows you to move your players around on the screen and draw lines using your finger. Water polo coaches, players and fans can use the app to discuss plays from your playbook with  friends and team mates. Features - Move your players across the screen - Draw lines on the board with your finger - "C…
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Pool fun with Inner Tube Water Polo

13:42:55 21.09.2009 posted by admin at 13:42:55 21.09.2009
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Getting kids involved in a sport and retaining fun elements present unique challenges. One activity that's been growing in popularity and recently featured on the 'Nike Women' blog is Inner Tube Water Polo. Trying to manoeuvre the length of a pool while sitting atop an inner tube is no easy task. Inner tubes are not streamlined to reduce the drag produced and play can "resemble buzzing …
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XIII Fina World Championships 2009 USA v Croatia

02:10:33 20.09.2009 posted by admin at 02:10:33 20.09.2009
3rd - 4th place play-off game between USA and Croatia View Part 1 of 4 View Part 2 of 4 View Part 3 of 4 View Part 4 of 4
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Active People

02:52:45 18.04.2008 posted by admin at 02:52:45 18.04.2008
Active People
The number of adults* across England who regularly participate in sport and active recreation has increased, with the 55s and over showing the biggest growth spurt, a Sport England survey reveals. Early results of Sport England’s second year of The Active People Survey show that the number of adults, aged 16 plus, participating in 30 minutes of moderate intensity sport or active recreati…
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