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19.03.2023   World Aquatics Men's Water Polo World Cup 2023
19.03.2023   U17 Men's European Water Polo Championships 2023 qualification round - 16-19 Mar
19.03.2023   World Aquatics Men’s Water Polo World Cup B Division Continental Qualification
08.02.2023   Lyme Splash Sea Water Polo Championship 2023 - 5/6 Aug
08.02.2023   AoC Sport funding to help colleges introduce pupils to water polo
07.02.2023   U18s Girls' Inter-Regionals Water Polo Championships 2023
30.01.2023   U18 Boys’ Inter-Regionals Water Polo Championships 2023
10.01.2023   Water polo stalwart Norman Leighton retires from Swim England
01.01.2023   Colin Gasper named Head Coach of U17 and U19 Women Water Polo squads
23.12.2022   The water polo rule changes coming into force in 2023
23.12.2022   Swim England launch exciting water polo initiative to drive development of talent
13.12.2022   Schools Water Polo Project returns to find next generation of talent
07.12.2022   Opportunity: Chair of Water Polo Leadership Group, Swim England
07.12.2022   Toby King to stand down as Chair of Swim England Water Polo Leadership Group
06.12.2022   Swim England to launch new Club Health Tracker
05.12.2022   South West finish 5th in U14s Boys’ Inter-Regional Championships 2022
05.12.2022   South West win bronze at U14s Girls’ Inter-Regional Championships 2022
27.11.2022   British Swimming publishes guidance on water polo rule changes
29.10.2022   Craig Figes provides update on 'positive and exciting times' for water polo
13.10.2022   GB Water Polo Leadership Group Update
07.10.2022   Swim England launch series of Financial Sustainability webinars
03.10.2022   Connecting With Coaches Workshop - Water Polo - 2 Nov 2022
23.08.2022   Younger and McGinty bring ‘exciting blend of experience’ to Swim England
05.07.2022   LEN Women’s European U-19 Water Polo Championships 2022
02.07.2022   U16s Boys’ Inter-Regional Water Polo Championships 2022
29.06.2022   Competition calendar for international water polo teams in 2023 set to be discussed
26.06.2022   U16 Girls Water Polo Inter-Regional Championships 2022
24.06.2022   EU Nations Cup 2022
21.06.2022   Swim England publishes new gradings for water polo referees
18.06.2022   British Festival of Water Polo - 18/19 Jun 2022

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