Dorset v Devon 2009

(Photo Credit: Steve Gallagher 01202 421743)

Please select the appropriate menu link for league standings, fixtures schedule and results.

Fixture Secretaries

You will need to login to your respective League and Key Stage League Administration areas to offer and confirm fixtures, including dates, times and venues. To minimise the likelihood of fixtures being forgotten, all matches have been pre-inserted with fixture date 30 Jun 2014 (the last day of the season) together with TBA in the Comments field.

Fixture Secretaries should edit  
  • the date of existing respective entries
  • insert the venue
  • overtype TBA with Offered or Confirmed as appropriate in the Comments field.
Please complete your Club's full fixture schedules promptly and no later than 30 Sep 2013 to enable club coaches, players, officials, volunteers, press and sponsors to prepare their schedules.

At this stage we are assuming all 2012/13 season teams wish to compete in 2013/14 (see fees below) providing any outstanding amounts due from 2012/13 have been paid by 31 Aug 2013.. If you become aware that
  • a Club team intends not to enter or
  • another club wishes to enter a team, or
  • a club wishes to enter an additional team, or
  • a club has changed one or more team Fixtures Secretaries,
please contact admin@dorsetwaterpolo.org IMMEDIATELY so that we can
  • email our contacts, 
  • update the scheduling software to add or remove fixtures and
  • grant / remove access to league administration areas
as required.

No doubt many girls and boys will have enjoyed and have been inspired by watching water polo at the FINA World Championships in Barcelona and by the London 2012 Olympics. We welcome Clubs wishing to support the development of Junior Ladies and Youth competitions as mini-tournaments - clubs are invited to confirm their interest to admin@dorsetwaterpolo.org.

Club Responsibilities

League Fees - Clubs will be invoiced on 1 Aug 2013 £10 per particpating team  for payment by 1 Sep 2013. A list of non-paying Clubs will be circulated to Fixture Secretaries.

Clubs are reminded that they are responsible for registering players, officials and coaches with the ASA in the correct membership categories. Fixture Secretaries are required to supply
  • squad lists (Team - Full Name, DoB, ASA Membership No) for their competing teams to John Bolton by 30 Sep 2013 and
  • similarly updated information as the season progresses.
Home clubs are responsible for sending correctly completed match result sheets with player information (forenames AND surnames, please)  to John Bolton within 7 days of the fixture.

Failure to supply squad lists and all match sheets may result in
  • games being forfeited
  • insurance being invalidated
  • possible expulsion of teams / Clubs from the League.
Dorset Shield

Fixture Secretaries are responsible for ensuring the prelimiary round and final are played by 31 Dec 2013 once the participating Senior Men's team draw has been made.


All clubs are reminded of the need to use appropriately qualified match officials and referees not affiliated to competing teams. Travelling expenses should be offered to visiting match referees and these amounts should be budgeted for by host Clubs eg when setting session fees / specatator fees.

Please note that original software calculations and sorting rules have been modified to produce the League Tables . Placing anomalies may therefore occur. If you discover any, please send details to admin@dorsetwaterpolo.org. Ultimately placings will be determined in accordance with 9a) to 9e) of the League Constitution.

Team Contact Email 2013/14 Squad Details
- Awaited (A)
- Received (R)
- Overdue (O)
Blandford KS2 Fiona Mackay ddmackay@talktalk.net KS2 - A
Blandford KS3 Fiona Mackay ddmackay@talktalk.net KS3 - A
Blandford Jnr Fiona Mackay ddmackay@talktalk.net Jnr - A
Bournemouth David Bradley david51bradley@btinternet.com Snr - A
 - First Team Antonio Rhodes arhodes@f2s.com  
 - Second Team Antonio Rhodes arhodes@f2s.com  
Bridport KS2 Sally Scott (main) justsallys@gmail.com KS2 - A
  Clare Robertson kczle@btinternet.com  
Bridport KS3 Sally Scott (main) justsallys@gmail.com KS3 - A
  Clare Robertson kczle@btinternet.com  
Bridport Junior Fred Fowler fred@fowler.gb.com Jnr - A
Bridport Men Mike Dodd-Stewart mdodd@pittards.com Snr - A
St Mary's * Natalie Boyer-Castle NBoyer-Castle@st-marys-shaftesbury.co.uk  
Salisbury KS3 Cathy Dennis cathydennis07@gmail.com KS3 - A
Salisbury Seagulls Ladies Trevor Clark trevor.clark1@tiscali.co.uk  
  Penny Marshall penny155@btinternet.com  
Salisbury Juniors Penny Marshall penny155@btinternet.com Jnr - A
Salisbury Men Penny Marshall penny155@btinternet.com Snr - A
Seagulls KS2 Bob Stephenson bob.stephenson@siemens.com KS2 - A
Allen Mann allen.mann@hp.com
Seagulls KS3 Bob Stephenson bob.stephenson@siemens.com KS3 - A
Allen Mann allen.mann@hp.com
Seagulls Jnr Bob Stephenson bob.stephenson@siemens.com Jnr - A
Allen Mann allen.mann@hp.com
Seagulls Men Bob Stephenson bob.stephenson@siemens.com Snr - A
Allen Mann allen.mann@hp.com
West Dorset KS2 Rebecca Maslen rebeccamaslen@hotmail.com KS2 - A
  Andrea Dabbs ADabbs@1610.org.uk  
West Dorset KS3 Rebecca Maslen rebeccamaslen@hotmail.com KS3 - A
  Andrea Dabbs ADabbs@1610.org.uk  
Weymouth & Portland John Restorick j.restorick@btinternet.com Snr - A
  Dan Kinsey dankinsey@live.co.uk  

* available only for female development sessions / fun friendlies

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