Dorset v Devon 2009

(Photo Credit: Steve Gallagher 01202 421743)

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Team Contact Email 2011/12 Squad Details
- Received (R)
- Overdue (O)
Blandford KS2 Fiona Mackay ddmackay@talktalk.net KS2 - R
Blandford KS3 Fiona Mackay ddmackay@talktalk.net KS3 - R
Blandford Jnr Fiona Mackay ddmackay@talktalk.net Jnr - R
Bournemouth David Bradley david51bradley@btinternet.com Snr - R
 - First Team Antonio Rhodes arhodes@f2s.com  
 - Second Team Nick Earl bexandnick@familyearl.com  
Bridport KS2 Julie Leah julie_leah@btinternet.com KS2 - O
Bridport KS3 Julie Leah julie_leah@btinternet.com KS3 - O
Bridport Junior Sarah Uppard suppard@gmail.com Jnr - O
Bridport Men Mike Dodd-Stewart mdodd@pittards.com Snr - O
St Mary's * Natalie Boyer-Castle NBoyer-Castle@st-marys-shaftesbury.co.uk  
Salisbury KS2 Trevor Clark trevor.clark1@tiscali.co.uk KS2 - R
Salisbury KS3 Trevor Clark trevor.clark1@tiscali.co.uk KS3 - R
Salisbury Seagulls Ladies Trevor Clark trevor.clark1@tiscali.co.uk  
  Penny Marshall penny155@btinternet.com  
Salisbury Juniors Ben Carter benjcarter1@gmail.com Jnr - R
Salisbury Men Darren Petty dazpetty@live.com Snr - R
Seagulls KS2 Allen Mann allen.mann@hp.com KS2 - R
  Rob Webber rob.d.webber@gmail.com  
Seagulls KS3 Allen Mann allen.mann@hp.com KS3 - R
  Rob Webber rob.d.webber@gmail.com  
Seagulls Jnr Allen Mann allen.mann@hp.com Jnr - R
  Rob Webber rob.d.webber@gmail.com  
Seagulls Men Allen Mann allen.mann@hp.com Snr - R
  Rob Webber rob.d.webber@gmail.com  
Sherborne School Claire Greenrod cgreenrod@sherborne.org Jnr - O
West Dorset KS2 Claire Gordon claire.gordon@live.co.uk KS2 - O
West Dorset KS3 Claire Gordon claire.gordon@live.co.uk KS3 - O
Weymouth & Portland John Restorick j.restorick@btinternet.com Snr - O

* available only for female development sessions / fun friendlies

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