About Mini-Polo!

In Scotland Kellogg's has been working very closely with Scottish Swimming on promoting mini-polo!

The children that have taken part become more confident and it has enabled them to take the next step and learn to swim. Mini Polo is a way of introducing the sport to beginners.

What is mini-polo! and why should I start?

mini-polo! is a smaller, more basic game than Water Polo itself and has been introduced to teach young players of any age up to about eleven years old the basics of the full game.

It is also a great multi-skill activity which teaches the fundamentals of aquatics and sport as a whole, in line with Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD).

(for more information about LTAD, please contact the National Water Polo Office)

The best thing about mini-polo! is its wide adaptability. You can take any size of pool, whether deep or shallow, any number of young boys and girls, of different ages; ability and size and modify the game to suit your requirements. Its as simple as that...there really aren't any rules to use if you don't want to!

No Rules?

In fact, the fewer the rules you impose on players, the easier it is for them to learn and, more importantly, the more fun it is!

  * Use any space of water and turn it into a fun water ball game.
  * Use any small ball which is waterproof and floats.
  * If there are no goals then use floats, cones or plastic bottles filled with water.
  * If the pool is shallow, or the players cannot yet swim, then them stand up.
  * If players are not confident in the water, involve them by having their team score by passing them the ball whilst sat on the side.

What do I need? How do I get started?

'Just a ball and a pool!'. Although official equipment is available, its not necessary - especially just to get started.

As long as players are enjoying themselves with their friends and  throwing a ball about in the water, then they're on their way to playing mini-polo!

How can I get involved?

Many water polo clubs and schools are already playing mini-polo! or a version of mini-polo! For more information, contact the National Water Polo Office:

e-mail: norman.leighton@swimming.org

For more information on opportunities to play mini-polo! in Dorset contact Fred Fowler

email: fred@fowler.gb.com

A free* promotion pack is also available from ASA Customer Services. This includes an introductory leaflet, posters, stickers and cartoon leaflets.

Please contact: customerservices@swimming.org

*There may be a charge for any information sent outside England

mini-polo poster

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