Team Manager Module 1 Course 24 Nov 2018

Saturday 24 November 2018 (2pm to 5pm), Seaton Room*, DYA Hall, Lubbecke Way, Dorchester

* This is the smaller room to the left of the main hall where Dorset ASA Executive meetings are held.

Team Manager training is designed to ensure that anyone taking groups of athletes to competitions or camps, locally or abroad, is fully equipped to fulfil their role.

Module 1 is an introduction to Team Managing and is intended to be a basic and informative workshop to give the confidence and knowledge to effectively manage a team at a local level. The course is designed to raise awareness of the key areas to consider in being a safe and effective team manager at local competitions, identify likely problems and challenges, to understand the need for risk assessments and to be aware of where further help, guidance and support is available.

Module 2 (Overnight Stays and Travel Abroad) cannot be attended without having taken Module 1.

It is important that Clubs take full advantage of courses such as the above which is FREE to avoid issues at a later date by helping satisfy poolise accreditation requirements for inter-club / inter-county competitions which include

  • DBS
    • a valid Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.
  • Minimum Qualification
    • for Coaches: at least a Level 1 Coaching Certificate or equivalent.
    • for Team Managers: a Team Manager Training Module 1 Certificate or equivalent.
    • Chaperones having county authorisation to act on behalf of their counties.
  • Safeguarding Certificate
    • All coaches, team managers and chaperones are required to have a valid safeguarding certificate, updated and recorded with Swim England’s membership department.


There are 6 places left on the course at the article's date of publication.

If you or Club members want to go on this course but cannot make this date, please let Fred Fowler ( know and he will find out details of the next course.

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