Swim England - South West Region Water Polo Academy 2018/2019

Information for Counties / Club Officials / Coaches / South West Water Polo Players

Club Chairs and Head Water Polo Coaches are asked to ensure that the information below which has been sent by email is distributed within your Clubs and to Players. As part of this process please coordinate Club / player proposal for individuals you may wish to put forward for Trial as part of the continuing South West Water Polo Regional Academies.

Key information relating to the commencement of the new South West Regional Academy

Please ensure that all enquiries are directed to Colin Hunt, SW WP Admin. The following does not seek to provide full information, but rather the over-arching key information to enable individuals to plan to attend the Academy and information as to what it entails.

1 Rationale for / Purpose of the Regional Academy / Relevant Age Groups

Swim England SW Region is authorized to run the elite training pathway on behalf of the Swim England Water Polo and is mindful of the aims / objectives of the England Water Polo Management Group. The SW Region Water Polo Committee has therefore sought to make arrangements for a Regional Academy to fit with the aforementioned aims. The age groups for 2018/2019 are:

  • U16 Male and Female: Year of Birth 2002 and 2003;
  • U14 Male and Female: Year of Birth 2004 and 2006, with exceptional players of 2007 Year of Birth considered depending on spaces being available and subject to confirmation by SW Trial.

The Regional Academy will not cover the U18 age group (i.e. for those players born in 2000 and 2001), instead they will be provided for by the Inter-Regional Championships and associated sessions for which separate notice will be issued early in the New Year 2019.

2 Who Operates the Regional Academy

The Regional Academy is operated by the Swim England SW Region through the Water Polo Committee. The Regional Academies are 'stand-alone' and not the subject of any management by any higher authority or any individual at 'national level'. Therefore, to the extent that you may have any issue relating to the Regional Academy, you should address these through the SW Regional Water Polo Secretary – presently Stuart Noyce (stuartnoyce@hotmail.com). It should be noted however that these academies are currently the only route for individuals players to seek to participate and join the Water Polo Pathway to England or National Academies / GB Talent programs and exposure to the National Water Polo competitions, with selection of players from these SW academies.

Colin Hunt (adminWP.SW@virginmedia.com / 07910 651885) will be the administrator for the Regional Academy, and it is anticipated that Colin will take up day to day administration and act as the first point of contact for those individuals attending the Regional Academy.

3 Relationship between the Regional Academy, 'Beacon', Regional Academy Competitions, County Competitions, Inter Regional Championships and England Talent

The Regional Academy put in place by each of the Swim England Regions provides for players to be nominated to attend Regional Academy from which players are given exposure to coaches / other individuals who are responsible for England Talent pathway / national team representation and inter regional competions. It is highly advisable to attend the Regional Academy.

There is no inter-relationship between the Regional Academy / Regional Academy Competitions and the Inter-Regional Championships or County Competitions. The Region / County will continue to select teams to represent the Region / County with the aim of fielding the strongest possible team, via a separate trial.

There is no inter-relationship as between the Beacon and the Regional Academy / Regional Academy Competitions / Inter-Regional Championships.

4 Coaching Staff

The Region has asked for expressions of interest from the Coaches from within the Region and a number of talented / experienced individuals have stepped forward. Rather than appoint individuals to posts at this stage, with a couple of exceptions (required in order to make arrangements for the first two Regional Academy sessions), the vast majority of those who have stepped forward have been invited to attend the December and January Regional Academy sessions before specific appointments are made. Further details have been sent to those coaches who have previously lodged an expression of interest.   
5  Locations and Dates of the Regional Academy for 2018/2019

Venue: All South West Regional Water Polo Training sessions are currently being held at

Millfield School
Millfield Swimming Pool
Keen's Elm Lane
BA16 0ST                                                                                              

Date and Times

The Regional Academy will be held at the following dates and times for the remainder of the 2018/2019 calendar.  

Please note specific timings will be provided separately but it is expected the younger age groups will be in for the first 2 hours, older age groups will be in for the later 2 hours of each academy training date:

Older Age Groups U16 Male and Female - Year of Birth 2002 and 2003;
Younger Age Groups U14 Male and Female - Year of Birth 2004 and 2006 (with invited 2007)

Sat 15 Sept - 17.00 - 21.00
Sat 27 Oct - 10.00 - 17.00 Possible competition,  date TBC
Sat 17 Nov - 16,30 - 20.30
Sat 19 Jan – 17.00 - 21.00
Sat 2 March - 17.00 - 21.00
Sat 4 May - 17.00 - 21.00
Fri 19 Jul  - Timings TBC, however as per this year it is proposed to hold a Boys and Girls training session followed by a social event (similar to this year's event held at Sandford Lido in Cheltenham).

6.   Pre-Registration

Clubs wishing to nominate new or return players should provide a consolidated list no later than 10 Sept 2018. Those players nominated by Club coaches to attend the Regional Academy trials and possible selection should provide in the first instance:
6.3 [CLUB YOU ARE REGISTERED WITH] Main, secondary.
6.4 [LEVEL OF PLAY – Previous selection,  Previous experience (Club, County, National)

Please note that you will not simply be able to turn up and attend a session without having pre-registered. If any player does turn up without having registered, they will be turned away.

The fee to attend the first Regional Academy on the 15 Sep 2018 will be £10 per person FOR EACH session / Trial attended. If you are invited back to the Regional Academy then the remaining fee will be REQUESTED AS PART OF THE INVITATION TO CONTINUE. This will then cover the remaining sessions referred to in section 5 above. Please note information for payment of cash will be provided under separate email.

We hope that the above provides you with a good level of initial information. If you do have any immediate questions please do not hesitate to contacting Colin Hunt.

Finally any player attending the sessions should hold a copy of the National Talent Player Program and Log book, (download library). Please take the time and effort to complete and  discuss any individual training requirements, or current weakness with your Club coach, so a continuing Club, County and Regional plan can be coordinated so a balanced training focus can be provided for each athlete.

Club Coach Actions Requested

  • Coordinate and pass South West Regional Academy information to continuing and newly proposed players for Age groups 2002 - 2006 (and exceptional 2007 on a case by case basis) to trial for the South West Water Polo Academy
  • help our aspiring players to fill in their individual logbooks, as the intention is to pass on these log books with any other national programs to allow training to be coordinated.

Colin Hunt
Swim England South West Regional Water Polo Admin Secretary
07910 651885

Mike Coles
Swim England South West Water Polo Secretary

Website: https://www.swimwest.org.uk/water-polo
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Swimenglandswwp/ 

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