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26 to 28 April 2018 - Budapest

The Conference Programme will engage the audience with international experts, address the major issues facing Water Polo and identify key opportunities for its global expansion. Day 2 agenda includes event presentation and rule change debates.

The conference is designed to be an open and healthy dialogue about the future development and growth of our sport around the world - all opinions are welcome. There will be multiple opportunities to exchange points of view, with a conference goal of identifying the various areas in need of improvement and agreeing on concrete solutions to address them.


  1. To review and discuss the current challenges of Water Polo
  2. To examine resources and concepts to address our current challenges and professionalize our sport in various areas
  3. To agree on recommendations, next steps and definitive action plans
  4. To discuss Water Polo rules and competition modernization
  5. To advance Water Polo by inspiring visionary thinking and innovation

The conference will hear from a multitude of sport experts performing both inside and outside Water Polo. From development, media, technical, broadcasting and events, experts will weigh in on what it takes to succeed in each of these areas, helping Water Polo strive for more success in the future.

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