South West Regional Academy - Boys 21 Apr 2018

South West Boys Water Polo Head Coach, John Spicer, would like to invite all players from year groups  2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 to the South West Academy Training and Trial session on Saturday 21 Apr 2018 at GL1 Swimming Pool, Bruton Way, Gloucester GL1 1DT

Please note these sessions will have a cost of £10.00 per session for each additional trialling players and all 2003 players from the Feb 2018 SW training session (see timings below),

Please also note that John has indicated, that  as part of this training session, he will be reviewing  and assessing players to allow the teams for various age groups / various team squads to be picked to represent the South West. 

If you are not currently part of the South West Academy and you wish to be considered, you are formally invited to trial at the session on 21 Apr 2018, Team Coaches and individuals should email Colin Hunt by return so that any prospective player can be added to the trial list.

As indicated at the last session, new 2006s have all been invited back, so we look forward to seeing you as part of the early session below.

South West Academy booked Sessions - 2 hours for each group,

5pm to 7pm for year group 2004 to 2005 AND 2006
7pm to 9pm for year group 2001, 2002 AND  2003

Sat 21 Apr 2018
Sat 23 Jun 2018

Please note you must reside in a South West County - this will be confirmed by providing your Postcode as part of registration in order to represent and take part in the South West Academy.

Please disseminate this information on to south west Coaches and any potential 2005 and 2006 South West Player.

Colin Hunt
ASA Regional Water Polo  Admin Sec / 07910651885)

Stuart Noyce
ASA Regional Water Polo South West Secretary

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