Water polo calendar congestion in 2018

This years’ calendar congestion has proved to be impossible to resolve satisfactorily for all stakeholders. All involved have been working together in an attempt to address some of the clashes and wherever possible changes have been made.

However, due to high demand on facilities, specific timelines and very few water-polo free dates available, not all clashes could be avoided.

In order to assist clubs, coaches and players, below is a table of dates and potential clashes and what priorities will be asked of clubs and players.

Water Poll Competition clashes 2018

Download the full list of competition clashes (pdf) with amended events included.

All involved in competition and National Squad planning have already committed to work towards producing a calendar for future competitions and training programmes.

This will include a review of the format and time of year of the National Age Group Championships, opinions on which will be asked of the water polo community before any changes are made.

If you are interested in being part of the Calendar Review Group and shaping the future of National Age Group Competitions, please forward your contact details to waterpolo@swimming.org.
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17:43:00 20.01.2018
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