2017 England National Water Polo Talent Squad Briefing

Swim England's Water Polo Management Group (WPMG) wholeheartedly congratulate the U19 England Ladies and Men’s Teams on their EU Nations success* at Manchester Aquatics Centre!

During the very successful EU Nations competition in Manchester on 18 November, the WPMG held a meeting for parents of the teams in order to clarify the financial landscape in which the sport finds itself, and also illustrate the events timetable. Chair of the England Water Polo Management Group, Ian Elliot, Marketing & Comms lead Mark Ray and WPMG member Eamonn O’Rourke addressed a large group during the lunch break on 18 November. Ian explained how the National squads are funded and by whom. Eamonn explained the role of Manchester in the medium and long term strategic development of water polo while Mark addressed issues of sponsorship and marketing.

Download the full presentation including budget information as pdf


Download the Team Meeting Presentation (PPT) from the Water Polo Management Group’s meeting at the EU Nations Cup in November.

The events strategy will also be released to the water polo community soon, to flesh out the rationale behind this, and how it fits into the wider management of the sport.

The WPMG appreciate there may have been a lack of clarity around funding and sought this opportunity to demonstrate their current status, stimulated by some questions sent to the group.

The WPMG welcome comments, suggestions and questions and hope this presentation demonstrates their willingness to develop a more responsive communications process, and increase confidence in the huge amount of work being done behind the scenes by the volunteers of the WPMG.

* The WPMG will shortly be publishing a thorough review of the EU Nations event with some pictures, so keep a look out for that.

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20:29:00 18.11.2017
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