Water Polo Meeting 1 Feb 2017 in Dorchester

A meeting for representatives of all clubs involved in the Dorset Water Polo League, all Coaches / Managers of County teams and interested parties has been booked at 1610, Dorchester Leisure Centre for 8.25 pm on Wednesday 1 February 2017.

Anybody can represent your club. If that is not possible PLEASE send your views and any ideas to David Bradley (david51bradley@btinternet.com), so that they can be discussed.
Decisions to be made;-

1. League Future
Do we continue as a separate entity (Dorset Water Polo League) or do we operate within Dorset ASA. To remain separate will cost £80 this year (SW Club Registration fee). 
David can see no real benefit  as Dorset ASA Water polo committee is made up of the Water Polo Secretaries of all clubs within the County or their nominee. The League allows any team representation by agreement and that could include teams from outside of the county. So at the moment Salisbury would not automatically be involved but can be invited to take part and be represented.

2 Divisions
Whatever the outcome of above. Do we keep the current age structure of School Key Stages, or convert to the ASA groups (and SW Championship age groups) of 12&U, 14&U, 16&U 18&U within the calendar year? If we do change, what do we call them?

3 Seniors 
What do we do about the Senior Intermediate League? There is no definition of “Intermediate”. At present there is a big gulf in strength between Bridport, Salisbury and Bournemouth, Weymouth & Portland. The original aim was to bring on younger or more inexperienced players whilst keeping (much) older players involved. It did this for a number of years but it is failing in its present form. Salisbury won’t play Weymouth & Portland for fear of injuries to their younger players!

4 County Teams
There is a need (especially now that we have fewer clubs taking part in our leagues for players in the younger age groups, of County Level standard, to train and play together more frequently. That means “Squads” including team managers / coaches need to be indentified earlier in the year,. Clubs must be willing to host sessions, and players must make more of an effort to attend!

5 Girls / Ladies
Any ideas on  how we can retain our current players and involve more?

6 Referees
Senior players have got to step forward to assist.

7 David Bradley's retirement.
Dave says it's overdue, having tried to put back into the game all the enjoyment he has had over the years, now it is someone else’s turn!
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21:22:00 06.01.2017
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