Learn to Play Water Polo Course comm Feb 2016

Learn to Play

Southampton Sirens will be hosting an 8 week learn to play water polo& course from 1 February 2016 to 21 March 2016 at The Quays Swimming and Diving Complex (£30). This will be held in half of the pool from 8pm to 9pm in their training session on Monday nights.

The course will cover the following skills:

  • water polo swimming strokes (head up front crawl and back stroke)
  • water polo leg kick (egg-beater)
  • throwing and catching in the water
  • shooting at goal
  • tackling a player with the ball
  • defending the ball
  • water polo rules and referee signals
  • driving (getting past a defender)

The Club asking everyone to help promote this to confident swimmers who are interested in getting to grips with the basics. Please download, print and circulate the poster in schools, swimming clubs, swimming pools, gyms etc and share on facebook with any groups etc.

The Club appreciate that if successful it may make their training sessions a little crowded for a while but hope everyone is keen to help out and get involved to help grow the club.

Sirens are in the play offs for promotion to Division 2 on 23/24 Jan 2016, so please support a local Club giving regular opportunities to play matches and develop skills.

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