Water Polo: Beneath the Surface

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Dawn Young, has been involved with film and television as an actor and voiceover artist in New York for many years doing feature and independent film, primetime and daytime television, commercials and print work. In 1996 she moved to the other side of the lens, as well, and began shooting and creating her own projects. "Beneath the Surface" (1996-2005) is Dawn's debut feature length …
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Learning from Sports Club of the Year Winners

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CCPR is the national alliance of governing and representative bodies of sport and recreation. CCPR's Sports Club of the Year awards recognise sports clubs which have made an outstanding contribution within their community in association with the Foundation for Sport and the Arts (FSA) and runningsports. The awards ceremony, held 5 May in Tower Hill, London, celebrated six finalists who all demonst…
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Guide to Water Polo Goalkeeping by Craig Wilson

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Contents: Why I chose to become a Water Polo Goalie and beyond. How did Water Polo Goalies Originate? Rule Differences Between the Goalie and the Field Player. The "Right Stuff" - Goalie Selection: What Makes a Goalie? - Psychological Profile: - Physical Profile: - The intangibles - goalie/field player interaction and individual patience. Fundamentals - How do you do it right?…
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Ball Handling Skills

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 In the opinion of many international judges and players, Tamas Farago is the best athlete ever to play the game. Tamas shares his tips in the extract below: Ball Handling Skills by Tamas Farago
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Testing elite female players

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Interesting results of tests on 14 players from the Scottish National Team who competed at the Commonwealth Games Championships in Perth in 2006 in the excellent paper "Anthropometric and physiological characteristics of elite female water polo players" by K. Marrin and T.M. Bampouras, Edge Hill University. Kinanthropometry X
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