Developing a water polo program

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SET Water Polo Club (SET WPC) is a year-round water polo program for 10/U, 12/U, 14/U, 16/U, 18/U and Masters in Orange County, USA designed to help aspiring players learn the dynamic sport of water polo.  Players train in an atmosphere that reinforces high self-esteem, self-motivation, physical fitness and respect for others. SET WPC focuses on the fundamental skills necessary to have …
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Code of Conduct

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If your Club doesn't already have a Code of Conduct, it should! The ASA provides a Code of Conduct and there are Clubmark Codes of Conduct for Volunteers and Officials and Parents for your Club to adopt. The principles in the NSW code below are also worthwhile. - Don’t force unwilling children into playing.   - Remember it’s a game for the child’s enjoyment, not …
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Water Polo Drills

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jphillips has released an updated list of all the drills he may want to run during any given practice, so that he could organize practices more efficiently. Version 4.1 covers: - Warm-Up Drills, - Endurance Training, - Passing, - Shooting, - Counter Attack, - Goalies, - Scrimmage Situations, - Defensive Drills, - Game / Fun drills, - Beginner Drills. Download: Water …
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Is the Recession Killing Sport?

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Professor Simon Chadwick of the Centre for the International Business of Sport discusses the impact that the global recession is having on the business of sport in this talk recorded and streamed live on 26 March 2009 as part of the Coventry University Global Masterclass Series. View video on Youtube (51m 34s flashplayer required) Click to find out more about Simon Chadwick and his areas …
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Water Polo: Beneath the Surface

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Dawn Young, has been involved with film and television as an actor and voiceover artist in New York for many years doing feature and independent film, primetime and daytime television, commercials and print work. In 1996 she moved to the other side of the lens, as well, and began shooting and creating her own projects. "Beneath the Surface" (1996-2005) is Dawn's debut feature length …
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